What Playground s’ Administrators Need to Do
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What Playground s’ Administrators Need to Do

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There are many playgrounds in life, and there are many amusement facilities in the playground. So you need an administrator, what do you need to do for your administrator?

To begin with, members of the public should make progress in their own safety awareness. Amusement park play, if the amusement equipment attack and other problems are trapped in the air or cockpit, do not panic or move, do not attempt to adopt from the air jump inferior dangerous action. Should follow the command of the site staff, patience waiting for rescue workers. Generally speaking, amusement equipment have a full range of safety protection equipment, operating units also have a comparison of safe and useful emergency rescue methods.

Besides, visitors can wait patiently for the rescue of the operating units. Note The survey instructions and warning symbols should read the visitor's instructions carefully when playing. Comply with the command of the management; play should fasten the seat belt, fasten the locking equipment, investigate whether the safety pressure bar is pressed well. Do not go over the railing or cross the cordon at will, especially keep an eye on the child in charge. Do not go up and down the equipment until the equipment has been completely aborted.

What's more, special groups should not ride rides. Pregnant mothers, alcoholism may be suffering from cardio-cerebrovascular, hypertension, neck, back diseases may be unwell, height or age does not fit the norms, do not ride rides. When riding a rides, do not smoke or take any food or drink, or do not take an outdoor amusement device when the weather is bad (such as strong winds, torrential rain, lightning or thunder).

In the end, I hope everyone have a good time in the playground!

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