What Is Interactive Trampoline?
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What Is Interactive Trampoline?

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What is interactive trampoline?

 Indoor interactive trampoline

       The indoor interactive trampoline equipment consists of a trampoline and two walls covered with sensing devices. Players use the elasticity of the trampoline to repeatedly bounce. In the process, players flexibly change their body postures to touch the sensing devices, thereby accumulating their own scores. Win the game. This equipment tests the player's physical flexibility, timing ability and imagination creativity. If you want to get more points, you must have the abilities in these aspects. One of them is indispensable.

       This is not only a competitive game but also a game played with friends. Everyone can actively participate in this project, share and summarize their own playing experience, and help partners make progress together and achieve better results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Developing Interactive Trampolines in Indoor Sports Parks


1. Reasonable equipment modification and upgrade will bring players a better gaming experience and attract players to visit the museum;

2. New technology equipment can increase the human-computer interaction experience and increase players’ interest in trying it;

3. The new indoor trampoline equipment allows players to exercise all aspects of their bodies in a fun time without feeling bored; 4. Attract other tourists to watch, increase tourists’ time in the museum, and increase revenue.


1. Compared with other ordinary equipment, the investment in new technology equipment is relatively large;

2. The equipment utilization rate is low. One piece of equipment can only be used by one player, and the output is not enough.

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