What factors will affect the purchase of tickets for indoor trampoline park customers?
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What factors will affect the purchase of tickets for indoor trampoline park customers?

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What factors will affect the purchase of tickets for indoor trampoline park customers?

1. Price factors of trampoline park tickets

No matter how luxurious the decoration of your trampoline venue is and how novel the equipment is, it is the money in the customer's pocket that directly affects the customer's desire to buy. He is willing to spend this money for the child out of a feeling of taking advantage! This is the purchase psychology of customers, so the price directly affects the customer's desire to buy, whether they are willing to buy a single ticket, or apply for a member's median card, or very decisively rush to the highest membership card in your store !

When women face discounts in shopping malls, they have no immunity. Is it possible that discount merchants in shopping malls can't make money? No, to make money, they are just for the purpose of generating more small profits but quick turnover because of more customers! Therefore, in the store, we will have a normal price list, and according to different holidays, there will be corresponding event prices!

2.The surrounding facilities and location factors of the trampoline park

Whether the transportation is convenient or not, whether the parking is convenient, the location should be considered first when buying real estate. Yes, we buy a house by ourselves. We know that when buying a house, we will first consider the importance of location and surrounding facilities!

Especially at present, traveling with children is the way of self-driving. So if the road section is too congested, the fathers will not have the patience to wait,and they simply do not go to this mall. Therefore, whether the road section is congested and whether there are enough parking spaces are all is the factor that affects whether our customers come to the store to buy.However, if you have enough price advantage, this one can be ignored appropriately. As long as the price is beautiful, you can still attract people from the big east to the big west!


3. Brand influence and equipment quality factors of trampoline parks

Improve the exposure and popularity, playability, and intelligence of the equipment! Use the holidays to continuously conduct marketing and customer acquisition. Through the exposure process, you can attract more customers and remind your old customers to come to the store for consumption.

4. Trampoline Park Services and Environment Conditions

The trampoline playground is a service industry. Before the money, during the money, and after the money, the service runs through the whole process. Service is often after the transaction, it is more enough to highlight your service advantages of this paradise, whether sincere, sincere to treat customers, are often caused by little things.

The sanitation environment is also of concern to many customers. The beautiful environment and sanitation determine the customer’s sense of play experience. It is very important to maintain and maintain hygiene anytime, anywhere. Do not appear dirty and messy.

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