The Secret of The Commission Mechanism for Handling Membership Cards in Indoor Park Marketing
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The Secret of The Commission Mechanism for Handling Membership Cards in Indoor Park Marketing

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The Secret of the Commission Mechanism for Handling Membership Cards in Indoor Park Marketing

The schemes for membership card commissions in indoor park operations vary, and the operational details and marketing strategies behind them are often regarded as trade secrets. Today, let's delve deeply into how indoor parks can motivate employees and enhance the customer experience through the commission mechanism for handling membership cards, thereby driving the growth of store performance.

The core of the commission mechanism lies in motivation. Parks typically set commission ratios based on the type and price of membership cards and the sales performance of employees. For instance, an employee who successfully sells a family annual card worth 3,999 yuan might receive a commission of 100 yuan. This commission approach directly linked to sales performance can effectively boost the enthusiasm of employees.


To further stimulate the sales enthusiasm of employees, indoor parks frequently adopt a stepped commission. Once the sales volume reaches a certain threshold, the commission ratio will increase accordingly. This method not only rewards high-performing employees but also encourages others to work hard to improve their sales skills and strive for higher commissions.

In addition to commissions, parks also combine reward and punishment mechanisms. Employees with outstanding performance may receive additional bonuses or other benefits, while those with poor performance might face certain penalties such as indoor park job training or job adjustment. Some parks even establish a sales battle mechanism, which is a competition among employees for mis-selling. Through this internal competition, employees will be more proactive in promoting membership cards to win the competition and obtain corresponding rewards.


The handling and sales of indoor park membership cards do not solely rely on the efforts of employees  a good customer maintenance strategy is also required. Through regular member appreciation activities, member free open days, and other events, the loyalty of members to the park can be strengthened, thereby indirectly promoting the sales of membership cards.

Take a well-known children's park as an example. They have set up attractive member benefits, such as the recharge gift amount for membership cards and a "label management" member management system, and achieved precision marketing based on members' transaction times, amounts, points, and other information.

Member-exclusive activities: Regularly hold member-exclusive events, such as member day, member Thanksgiving Day, etc., to offer special deals or new experiences to increase members' sense of participation and belonging. Personalized services: Provide personalized services for members of different levels, such as dedicated customer service and priority reservations, to enhance member satisfaction. Sales training: Regularly train employees in sales skills to improve their sales efficiency and customer communication skills.

The commission mechanism for membership card processing is an important component of the indoor park marketing strategy. Through a well-designed commission mechanism, the park can not only motivate employees and improve sales performance but also increase customer loyalty and achieve a win-win situation. As the market continues to evolve, the park needs to continuously innovate and adjust the commission mechanism to adapt to new market demands and challenges.

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