The game you cannot miss for a popular indoor playground
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The game you cannot miss for a popular indoor playground

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The game you cannot miss for indoor playgrounds

There are many game choices for indoor playground, and there are some games you cannot miss. Moreover, they have become more and more popular to kids nowadays.

Game No.1: rock climbing


Indoor rock climbing requires body flexibility and coordination. It exercise Children’s memory and motivation, develop courage and perseverance during climbing, and trains Children’s body balance.

Under the guidance of professional coaches, to ensure the safety of children, let children experience the joy of flying over walls.

Besides the above advantages, Bettaplay creats all kinds of different artificial rock climbing designs, such as Astroball Climbing, artificial rock climbing wall, FACE-OFF climbing wall, boulder climbing wall etc. which make this game more attractive for players to try.


Game No.2:Go- cart

Speed and furious are not only pursued by adult, but also become more and more attractive to kids. Therefore, go-cart became one of the most popular indoor game for kids.

Go cart is a safe game but brings kids the feel of freedom and excitement. Challenges kids’ physical balance and reaction capacity.

Bettaplay has different choices of go-cart cars and different racing track design for fitting your playground and make your indoor playground more attractive.


Game No. 3: Free jump trampoline

Bettaplay’s trampoline meets the quality standards of international competition professional equipment safety. Free jump trampoline help you jump to new heights and blast your sense of existence!

Combine with a basketball hoop; those stranded slam-dunk dreams all become true here. It is said playing basketball on trampoline has created a new record in scoring.

Besides Slam-dunk game, Bettaplay has combined lots of different games with trampolines to increase more joy. Such as foam pit, spider man, patting lights etc.


We are keep on developing new games to enrich indoor playgrounds and make it more fun for all age people. If you are interested in opening an indoor playground, feel free to contact with us. We Bettaplay provides one-stop service from marketing research, design, manufacturer, shipping, installation and sharing operation experience. We will be your best supporter and partner in indoor playgrounds business.


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