The Benefit of Little Basketball to Children
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The Benefit of Little Basketball to Children

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Little basketball teaching activities refer to teachers who have plans, goals, and organizations to teach the basic movements of young children's basketball activities through the form of games, while helping children to master various basic movements at the same time. Teaching activities to strengthen children's physique and promote children's good personality and social development. It can not only meet the needs of children's physical and mental development, but also cultivate children's interest in sports and good personality. It is helpful to improve children's tactile, perceptual and hand-eye coordination ability to promote the development of children's physical ability. It is beneficial to improve children's psychological quality, build self-confidence and satisfy their desire to participate in sports.

As a kind of whole body sport, small basketball has the following remarkable exercise value:

First, it is helpful to cultivate the collectivism spirit and strict organization discipline of children.

Second, it is helpful to cultivate the character of bravery and tenacity, witty and decisive will of young children;

Third, it is helpful to cultivate children's keen observation ability, judgment and reaction ability;

Fourth, it can promote the human body speed, endurance, agility, coordination and other aspects of the overall development of quality;

Fifth, carrying out small basketball activities can enrich kindergarten cultural life, cultivate the whole kindergarten children's sentiment, and promote the harmonious and healthy development of the whole children's body and mind.

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