Significance of Different Kinds of Toys for Children
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Significance of Different Kinds of Toys for Children

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1. Speech and cultural toys: toys that can make children more sensitive to hearing, learn new word groups, promote language expression and organizational ability, and pre-school exercises, such as story tapes, story cards, drawing boards that encourage painting, etc.

2. Science toys: science toys that can attract children to observe, compare, collect and analyze. In addition to arousing children's fanatical curiosity, they can also develop the concept of observing, analyzing, collecting information, doing things by hand and seeking truth from facts, such as the badge, kaleidoscope, various specimens and so on.

3. Action toys: These toys can exercise children's big muscles and the coordination ability of various parts of the body, such as baby crawling toys, all kinds of carts, pulling bicycles, riding bicycles, throwing darts, etc.

4. Operational toys: These toys make the small muscles of children's fingers more flexible, and promote the coordination of eyes and hands, such as cat earth, threading, beads, stacked composite building blocks, etc.

5. Art toys: they can cultivate creativity and the ability to read, write and discover the good things in life.

6. Social toys: including dolls, stuffed toys, and toys designed in the surroundings of life, such as playing toys in supermarkets and airports, let children experience adults'life world in expressing their emotions, and at the same time understand their surroundings and absorb relevant life experiences

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