Pocket house indoor sports park IP image design, high-end sports park franchise brand
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Pocket house indoor sports park IP image design, high-end sports park franchise brand

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Pokiddo indoor sports park IP image design, high-end sports park franchise brand

Now more and more investors in indoor sports parks are beginning to use IP image design for brand promotion. The IP image of the sports park is not only a very good supplement to the brand product image, but also a continuation of the brand product design, enriching and extending the brand design.

The IP image design is based on the brand style and tonality of the sports park and the original thinking of the designer to create an IP image that suits itself, and then apply these IP images to the design and application of the product.

Therefore, let’s talk about the brand image of Pokiddo Sports Park from the perspective of IP image design.

First, let me introduce the source of the pocket house idea: the idea of the Pokiddo comes from "the pouch of the kangaroo". Just like the pouch of the kangaroo mother contains the love and care for the baby kangaroo, the pocket house is committed to creating a place for babies and mothers Rest assured, a sports and play space that allows children to flourish.

  1. The story about the mascot of the Pokiddo Sports Park, "Doudou Family".


Doudou is a very cute, lively and laughing purple kangaroo. She lives happily in the pocket house with her parents, mother and younger brother Tiaotiao's family of four. Doudou’s favorite thing to do is slide slides. There are super exciting devil slides and cool curved slides in the pocket house, and there is an ocean ball underneath that looks like a vast ocean, where Doudou can burst out with carefree vitality play all day long.

Doudou’s father has long legs. His favorite is trampoline and ninja space. He can flip, run over walls, slam dunk, and even play somatosensory games on rock climbing. He’s so handsome!

Doudou's mother is a wise mother. She likes to take Doudou and Jump to the castle to explore more knowledge. "Happy learning, vigorous growth" is her belief. In the castle, she likes to paint with DouDou and learn music with Tiaotiao. She hopes that DouDouDiaotiao's life can be as colorful as the colors on the palette, and let the jumping notes accompany their happy and unforgettable time .

Tiaotiao is Doudou’s younger brother, and also a very cute, mischievous, and active green wallaby. Tiaotiao loves music as much as his sister Doudou. His sister can play the piano, Tiaotiao can play drums, Doudou’s father can play guitar, and Doudou’s mother Can sing, the whole family is a "concert".

 2. About the application of the IP image of the Pokiddo Sports Park in the design

   2.1 Application in the development of sports park derivatives


pokiddo sports park



2.2 Application in the production and publicity of sports park equipment


Pokiddo Sports Park IP mascot Internet celebrity check-in wall application


Pokiddo sports park IP mascot real-life claw machine screen application

口袋屋运动乐园IP吉祥物场馆项目安全指示应用.jpg (1)

Pokiddo sports park IP mascot venue project safety instruction application

Summary: The IP image design of the sports park can be reflected in product modeling design, product packaging, product accessories, or product derivatives, etc. With IP, there is strong dissemination ability and commercial realization ability. The professional sports park manufacturer Pokiddo has grasped this point and promoted the brand from the perspective of IP image design. Because from the perspective of sports park investors, making an IP can make people think of Yungong Park and then the sports park business as soon as they see this image. This is really a low-cost and high-efficiency communication tool. Sports Park creates its own image IP, which is equivalent to creating a resource pool for its own development. The image IP design of the sports park can gain users, promote business, and let the sports park truly control its destiny in its own hands.

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