How To Get The Balance Between Study And Play Right For Your Children
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How To Get The Balance Between Study And Play Right For Your Children

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How To Get The Balance Between Study And Play Right For Your Children

When you’re raising your children, guiding them in the right direction can be a real challenge. You want them to focus on their studies. But allowing them to play and have fun is just as important for a variety of reasons. So, how do you get that balance right as a parent? You have to take the right steps and work hard to ensure that you find the solution that is best for your son or daughter. Read on to find out what the best steps to take are.

Designate a Time for Homework

You should make sure that your family evenings are regulated in the right way. This means designating a time of the evening when your children can take care of any homework obligations they have. They should be aware of when that set time is; then they can spend that time studying or completing homework tasks. It could be an hour each evening that is never missed or avoided. If you get them into the habit of doing this, they will get used to it, and it will seem like a natural thing for them. Work and study don’t finish when they go home, so this is something you’ll have to focus on.


Regulate Screen Time, But Don’t Try to Ban It

These days, there are so many screens that your children can get distracted by. Televisions, phones, computer games and tablets are all vying for their attention. You need to regulate the time they spend looking at screens. Otherwise, they will be at risk of neglecting the important things like work and study. Trying to stop them from using technology is not going to work well either though. That’s why it’s such a tricky balance to get right for parents. Some children play unblocked games at school, so you won’t be able to stop them doing these things even if you tried. It’s best to negotiate with them and use screen time as a reward.

Focus Play on Outdoors Activities

If you want to limit the amount of time your children spend staring at screens, you will have to encourage outdoor activities. This is very important when you consider what outdoor activity could do for them. It gives them the chance to spend some time in the sun, get active and play with others. They can learn team skills, improve their health and strength, and also have a good time. This is what many children are not doing nowadays. Childhood obesity is on the rise, and that’s something that is caused by people not getting enough activity.


Develop Social Skills of Your Children When They’re Young

While your children are still young, it’s important to help them to develop their social skills. This will help them to interact with other children their age, and that can only be good for them. When they do this, they will make friends and develop in many different ways. Communication and interaction form a big part of a child’s development when they’re young, so don’t forget about this. You can encourage them to meet other children in play groups as soon as they’re old enough to join. This will put them in a situation where their social skills can be developed properly.

Don’t Be Afraid to be Firm When Setting Boundaries

There have to be firm boundaries in place when you’re trying to get your children to study. If you leave it up to them, they will avoid doing work at all costs, so you have to be firm. This is something that can be difficult for some parents, but it needs to be done. No parent wants to constantly argue with their children though. That’s why it’s a good idea to offer rewards when they do study and achieve positive results in school. Positive reinforcement should always be a big part of your parenting technique when it comes to encouraging them to study.


Try to Make Work and Study as Enjoyable as Possible

Studying and homework are challenging and often boring tasks for children. Therefore, it’s up to you to make these kinds of tasks a little more fun. If you can add an element of play into the learning process, then they will be much easier to engage with. There are many ways in which learning can be made that bit more enjoyable. Use your imagination and tailor your approach to what your children respond best to and enjoy. If you do that, then learning will be much easier for them.

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