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Kids playground plastic slides

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 Children’s slides are widely used in playground, amusement park, super mall, garden, school, indoor entertainment center and even backyard, So Bettaplay supply types of kids playset slides for sale. And if you have special inquiry, the theme and size of kids slide also can be customized.

 The slides for playgrounds are usually manufactured with the plastic or metal and has a smooth surface that is either straight or wavy. The Main Types of Playground Slides: commercial playground slides including Wave Slides, Flat Plastic Slides, and Straight or Spiral Tube Slides.

On top of that, tube slides also make it feel like you're going through a tunnel which is very exciting for kids. And the final type of toddler slide is the curved slide. This slide is common in kids parks and playgrounds. Curved slides can curve just a few degrees, or even 360 degrees in some cases.

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