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How to store toys

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1. Consider the timeliness and variety of toys. As children grow up, they play with smaller and smaller toys. At the age of a small month, toy fitness rack is a large-scale toy. With the growth of physical ability and the development of fine hand movements, children's toys will become smaller and smaller. So don't oversupply large toys and use them for a short time.

2. The toys with the longest use time will vary according to the characteristics of each child, but basically, puzzles and other puzzle toys and picture books are the most worthwhile investment. Electric toys and plush toys must be controlled in quantity.

3. Picture books are the most suitable for children. Children who like to read picture books will grow up more comprehensively. Picture books are best bought in paperback and hardcover takes up space. The paperback can stand upright to reveal the spine of the book, while the hardcover is suitable for the display cabinet of the picture books.

4. Fine toys are suitable for placing in a toy basket. They can be packed in one kind of bag. Such toys occupy the least space.

5. Some puzzle toys are suitable for storage in original boxes. Some can be stored directly in bags. The jigsaw jigsaw puzzles are not suitable for storage, but can be stored in file boxes.

6. Learning desk can fold and lift the best.

7. Buy less plush toys.

8. One multi-sided toy box is enough for young people.

9. Electric toys play less, suitable for children must be able to use their brains and hands.

10. Acceptance should consider the convenience of children to take, simple shelves and baskets are the best. Toys should be cut off as children grow older. First, they should be collected with items that are available at home, such as folders, file boxes, bags and so on.

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