How to Set Up a Preschool Classroom
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How to Set Up a Preschool Classroom

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A preschool classroom needs to be educational, safe, and engaging. While some aspects differ depending on different state and country licensing regulations, most areas that should be addressed are universal. Making a classroom a safe and fun environment is crucial to children's development - and to your sanity!

1Preschool classroom setup

Start out with school chair.you should  Choose a safe and colorful chair for your children.And you also can put some flower 、animal stickers、children’s name. Just use anything that appeals to your class.


colorful stackable plastic kids chair

2、 Creating centers

  Understand that creating centers can be a bit of a challenge. Add a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) one to encourage early recognition of STEM, although you can do a math/science center instead. Treat the center like a "half-team".


Math & Science: These toys and activities can take many forms, but many are fine motor toys.

· Pattern toys, such as multicolored bears or shape blocks are great for spatial understanding. Melissa & Doug are a great resource for these.

· There are various things you can do for a color mixing center, and there are many toys you can buy, but simply allowing access to watercolors and displaying a color wheel is enough for most kids to get pretty creative.

· Use your weekly or monthly theme to your advantage; using ladybug spots to create an addition game or The Very Hungry Caterpillar to encourage patterns are examples of creative ways to incorporate your theme.

plastic building blocks toys

3、Gross motor skills

Ideally, you can go outside every day. In reality, there are days when the weather just doesn't let that happen. You need to make sure there are gross motor activities for inside, though this "center" may be kept in the closet until appropriate times, as it can be space consuming and difficult for children to not use during curriculum times. Some great indoor activities include:

Ask: Who wants to get outside?Rock outdoor climbing is great for a gross motor area.

Incorporate outdoor activities that you liked to do while growing up.

  Gross motor examples include:

· Bowling with paper towel rolls and a large ball

            · PE BoardAmusement Park

· Obstacle courses. Get the kids to be creative and make their own out of materials in the classroom! You can use hula hoops, balance toys (or simply a line made out of masking tape), and cones.

· Rock outdoor climbing (this can be made out of tape).

· You can also look up various exercises, such as stretches, easy aerobics, and easy yoga and do them in a center.

 Kindergarten plastic kids rock outdoor climbing structure/backyard climbing Frame

rock outdoor climbing

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