How to select a site for indoor playground?
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How to select a site for indoor playground?

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How to select a site for indoor playground?

With the popularity of indoor playground, many investors see its development prospects and try to invest in the indoor playground industry.

However, there are many investment entrepreneurs who has no experience in this area, they don't know how to start investing in indoor playground! Blind investment will lead to failure later.

Pokiddo as a famous indoor playground brand, we had experience of building more than 300+ indoor playgrounds all over the world, and operating 58 Pokiddo franchise indoor playgrounds in China. Among these 58 pokiddo franchise stores, we create a zero close rate during epidemic period. Today, we are going to share the most important tip of quickly bring your investment back and earn money in indoor playground business – selecting a best site for your indoor playground.

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Step 1: Choose your indoor playground theme

There are many different types of indoor playgrounds, such as kids amusement indoor playground, Trampoline sports parks, Family fun center, Party kingdom, Vertical Adventure park etc. Different theme will request on different investment capital. So, first step, you should select the right theme according to your budget.

Different theme also request for different size and height of the indoor playground. For example, a kids amusement indoor playground or a party kingdom for kids, a site with 300sqm, and 3m height from bottom to beam would work. If you aim to open a trampoline sports park or a family fun center, then, a minimum 6.5m height is something must. Lower than that would limit a lot of fun equipment to be installed. For size, more than 2000 sqm will be a good choice. If you are going to open a vertical adventure park, then, at least 9m in height is request. As far as size, 300 sqm is ok. The simple principle is the bigger and higher the site is, the more fun equipment or games can be contained. And your indoor playground will be more attractive.


Step 2: Choose the site near the most popular shopping mall or inside the mall

When selecting a detailed location within the 1-3 areas filtered by step 2, try to find a place, which is near the most popular shopping mall or inside the mall. The 1st reason is Shopping malls have a wealth of consumer formats, which can bring you a lot of customer traffic. The 2nd reason is there is usually a big parking slot allows your customers to park and stay for a whole day.

Step 3: Do market research

Say if aimed your indoor playground as the theme of family fun center. (Family fun center covers all age consumers, which allow you to have the biggest customer group). Then, you need to do a market research to find out which area has your biggest consumer group or the highest consumption level customer group. Find out 1-3 areas for filter and backup.

Check the competitive business and friendship business within 5km around your site. Compare the rental fee and the Property costs, utility bill ect, to figure out which one benefits most.

Then, you got the right site!

A good location 70% determines the success of your business! Wish you a great success in your new business! If you are looking for starting an indoor playground business, do not feel hesitate to contact with us.

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