How to Keep Your Indoor Playground Clean
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How to Keep Your Indoor Playground Clean

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How to Keep Your Indoor Playground Clean


Know how to clean your play equipment with these tips:


• Wipe Down Surfaces Often. Cleaning indoor playground equipment should be done often so it looks its best. For most coated metal and plastic-feeling material, wiping down with a damp cloth and mild detergent is fine. Soft brushes can be used to get rid of dirt on plastics, to get into crevices and to clean ropes. It’s important to not use paper towels on any surfaces that may scratch (such as domes and windows), and avoid using any abrasive scrubbers unless the instructions for your play equipment specifically say these methods of cleaning are safe. For windows, ammonia free window cleaner is recommended.


• Use a Three-Step Cleaning Process. Start by using soap and water to remove dirt and anything sticky. Next, use non-toxic cleaning products listed as safe for your playground equipment to sanitize and kill germs. Finally, disinfect your play equipment with non-toxic disinfectant to get rid of viruses, fungi and bacteria. You will want to clean and sanitize daily and spot clean a few times a day, especially if your playground sees heavy use. If any bodily fluids end up on play equipment, close the affected play equipment and clean, sanitize and disinfect the entire area to prevent any risk of contagions.


• Read the Manuals. The owner’s manuals and instructions that come with your play equipment have the best information on how to clean the structures, including which detergents and cleaning methods to avoid. These manuals will also give you more details about heavy cleanup jobs.


• Provide Litter Receptacles. It’s much easier to keep your play area clean if there are trash receptacles people can use. Be sure to hang a sign or banner reminding families to use the trash bins and to tidy up. If you make it easier to keep things tidy, you will have less to clean yourself.


• Keep Snack Areas Separate. By creating a separate area for snacking and placing washrooms as well as hand sanitizing stations nearby, you can maintain a food-free play area.

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