How to Improve Your Child’s Attention Spans?
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How to Improve Your Child’s Attention Spans?

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     An inattentive child is a frustration all parents have dealt with. Concentration is not inborn, however, we can all enhance the abilities we weren’t born with. When children's attention is always destroyed, their attention will gradually dissipate. Without distraction, attention is a natural quality of children. There are some key tips that will help your child boost his or her attention span. 

     Adjust Time Frames. If you find that, no matter what you do, the kids just can't seem to stay on task, it may be time to break content into smaller time intervals. You can use timers to break up the task and allow your child to keep working without feeling completely overwhelmed. Have the child focus long enough to perform part of the task, then take a break, coming back to the project to finish.

     Turn off the electronics. The technology that children use on a regular basis, such as video games, smartphones, tablets, and computers. It’s impossible to keep their brain where it needs to be with these electronics on. Limit use of electronics by setting aside family time for a family meeting, or have a family book reading time where all members of the family will quietly read for a period of time, preferably in the same room. Model the behavior you are seeking from your child. If you expect your child to do that, you are the first to do so.

     Pick focus-strengthening activities and games. Memory isn't really a muscle, but it can help improve focus. Memory games help kids to focus in a fun way, so that they are able to concentrate when something challenging is presented. To remember certain pictures, patterns, and where objects are located, are great memory games for children. Play “Freeze! Focus!”. Have your child freeze in place. When time is up, ask him/her to describe three things he/she saw while he/she was frozen. Eventually, you can put up signs around the house that list rules and chores and ask him/her to focus on them while he/she is frozen.

     Limit the time required to focus. When doing homework, some children work best if they know that the time to pay attention is limited. Limit the time to do a certain task, and help the child learn to expand the amount of time they can pay attention. Start with three or four minutes, and work up from there. If your child can concentrate on the task, you should encourage them with commendations and rewards. Try not to grumble or scolded your child, and your child will feel that he/she is the master of time. Teach children how to arrange time. When children learn how to control their time, they will have a strong sense of success and do things more confidently.

     Exercising the body means exercising that focus. Lack of physical activities in early childhood will hurt the growth and development of the brain. Starting with 15 minutes of active play before a challenging task can also help a child stay more engaged. What counts most is to get children to move. Doing exercises that improve the timing and synchronization of muscles will help improve their concentration, social development, and intelligence. The physical activity they’re getting in school is not enough, so you’d better have some extra exercises with your child like jogging, swimming, playing indoors or outdoors, etc. By the way, children who have had exercise before school will pay attention better in the mornings.

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