How To Improve The Relationship with Membership?
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How To Improve The Relationship with Membership?

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How to improve the relationship with membership?

In most indoor sports parks, the launch of a member card is a common promotional measure. 

However, through the investigation, many commercial indoor playground just use the member card as a savings card. 

but members have lost their freshness on the facilities of the store for some time , and the retention rate has become less high. 

In fact, when customers become our members, we should try our best to provide services to make them feel worthwhile.

Even more straightforwardly, our membership maintenance work is very important. We ask the employees of the sports park store to ask ourselves a question every day: "Have you chatted with customers today?" 

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Therefore, each store employee has a special customer service online chatting account. There will be a lot of members about our sports park members. information. This customer service online chatting APP has the following functions:

1. Sports Park Member Welfare----we need to let our member to know what welfare we have  regularly:

Members can enjoy free welfare on their birthdays. In order to obtain this benefit, customers need to inform us their birthdays in advance, so that we can call them to invite them to a birthday party at an appropriate time.

2. Sports park customer maintenance-- need to chat with our member regularly to know their request better:

We will label each customer and communicate and serve according to their preferences and needs. This can better maintain the needs of customers and the relationship with them.

In short, after launching a member card, what we need to do include a recommended member card and invite guests to join our customer service WeChat. Customer service WeChat has membership benefits and customer maintenance functions, which can better communicate and serve customers.

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