How To Expand The Market for Trampoline Parks
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How To Expand The Market for Trampoline Parks

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How to expand the market for trampoline parks

Nowadays, many children's playgrounds still stick to the old rules and rely on their own stores for the entire operation. In the early stage, it was fine, but in the middle and late stages, they gradually found that the operation of the store was a bit difficult, and the cost of developing customers became more and more expensive. Gao. The development prospects of trampoline theme parks are very broad, but when various problems arise in the operation and management of trampoline parks, the development of the trampoline park industry will face difficulties. How should we solve various problems faced in the management of trampoline parks and continue to expand our market?


1: Age consumption choice

Consumers of different ages have different requirements for play. In order to provide each consumer with a suitable play space, it is necessary to fully understand the consumption needs of consumers of each age group.

Children can be divided into four stages: 0-3 years old, 3-6 years old, 6-8 years old, 8-12 years old, and then teenagers and adults. However, regarding the age division of teenagers, different groups of people have different age divisions.

On the one hand, products can be divided into target customers in a targeted manner, and on the other hand, safety during play can be ensured.

2: Establish the core group of people

The core crowd refers to the core project of the trampoline park that attracts people, which is the main product of the park.

Because all successful marketing is a development process from point to point. Only by making each point professional, refined, thorough and detailed can your trampoline park have its characteristics and characteristics, and will it be labeled as a unique one by consumers tag of.


3: Safety, health and environmental protection

The biggest concern consumers have when choosing a trampoline park is safety. However, the issues that consumers care about are the issues that we should pay attention to and study.

Solving safety problems is nothing more than choosing safe and reliable amusement equipment, improving the service quality of staff and maintaining a healthy and comfortable amusement environment. As long as you pay attention to these details, safety problems will be easily solved.

Service quality - as a trampoline theme park clerk, you must always remind yourself that tomorrow's service will be better than today's service. Only by doing this, will an inertia and an atmosphere be formed in the trampoline theme park, and at the same time, it can provide a better service for the trampoline theme park. The park creates a good reputation and establishes the park's brand image.

Equipment upgrades and updates - no matter how good the amusement equipment and experience projects are, their appeal to consumers will decrease over time. At present, the update speed of amusement equipment is accelerating, and trampoline parks are constantly being upgraded and updated. Trampoline theme parks should appropriately introduce some good amusement projects, continue to remain attractive to consumers, and increase consumer stickiness. As a result, many children's paradise operators began to cooperate with nearby schools and kindergartens.

4: Joint venture with nearby neighbors

Reach certain agreements with operators in adjacent and different industries such as restaurants, clothing stores, shoe stores, small supermarkets, and barber shops near the indoor children's paradise you operate, such as issuing vouchers, experience coupons, etc. for the paradise upon spending the amount. . Merchants belonging to the same business district can promote each other, take advantage of each other's momentum, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

5: Joint ventures in non-related industrial chains

Such associates include banks, media, fitness clubs, beauty agencies, etc. The starting point for consideration is that the children's paradise should not only satisfy the children's play needs, but also take into account the various welfare needs of the parents. After all, they are the ones behind the children. of real consumers. The purpose of cross-industry joint ventures is the mutual sharing or sponsorship of valuable resources for mutual benefit.

6: Joint ventures in related industrial chains

Merchants with various projects in the same industry chain almost face the same consumer groups, such as children's education institutions, early childhood education institutions, maternal and infant product stores, etc. The purpose of joint ventures is to cooperate with each other, support each other, achieve mutual complementarity, and achieve mutual success. Helpful friendly relations.

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