How to ensure the safety and avoid accidents in the indoor children playground?
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How to ensure the safety and avoid accidents in the indoor children playground?

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How to ensure the safety and avoid accidents in the indoor children playground?

      What is the favorite places for children to play?That is certainly the first choice is indoor children's playground.In the park, a variety of amusement equipment is loved by the children and in the process of playing can also make the children's comprehensive ability in all aspects.

       In the context of the very popular children's playground in today's society, some indoor children's playground still have some problems in ensuring children's safety.Some indoor playground operators feedback that it is not easy to manage when children chase in the playground; while parents feedback that children are easily injured in the playground. So for business owners, how to ensure the safety of children's safety in indoor children's playground ?


Firstly, Good quality of indoor children's playground equipment

         Owners of indoor children's playgrounds should choose safe and high-quality equipment when choosing amusement equipment.In addition to the quality of the equipment itself, some small details should be noted.Angle and other sharp places are best wrapped with soft sponge and other materials, to prevent children from being injured. To have regularly maintain equipment, check whether the connection part is firm, if there is a loose fall phenomenon, to be tightened in time.In addition, the active connection part of the equipment should be regularly refueling and lubricated.

Secondly, good disinfection and sanitation work job in the indoor children's playground

         Indoor children's park health environment is the most important concern of parents,Therefore, owners must also have this aspect of consciousness, do a good job of indoor children's playground cleaning and disinfection work, regular cleaning and disinfection every day, and paste disinfection notices.When children visit the park, they are equipped with shoe covers, socks etc, and providing hand sanitizer is a necessary task.


Thirdly, good job staff management of indoor children's playground

        Indoor children's playground should be equipped with professional staff to guide the children to play, to avoid too many children concentrated in a certain kind of amusement equipment caused by competition. At the same time to help the children to correctly use the amusement equipment, to prevent injuries caused by improper use of the equipment.

Fourth,good safety marks and entry regulations for indoor children's playground equipment

       A sign is posted on the entrance of the indoor children's park to clearly inform the customers that should be paid attention to when entering the park. It is forbidden to carry sharp and hard items into the inside, keep the playground clear, do not spit, litter, defecate anywhere and other requirements, at the same time, the applicable age and precautions of the amusement equipment can be clearly marked, and inform the accompanying personnel.


       The safety of children is not attributed to the responsibility of one party. Indoor children's playground owners and parents should pay careful attention to it, communicate with each other, and work together to provide a safe and secure space for their children to play.If necessary, the playground can set up an opinion book to facilitate parents and owners to communicate with each other about their children's safety issues.

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