How to develop children's hands-on ability
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How to develop children's hands-on ability

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How to develop children's hands-on ability

If your children's cognitive skills are developed correctly while they are young, they can quickly learn how to solve problems effectively. Parents can have an enormous impact on their children's cognitive development, by spending time with them and creating activities that challenge them. Remember, the steps used to get to the solution are as important as the solution itself, which is why making sure your child gets the right mix of games, activities and challenges is so important.

Spend time with your child. Children whose parents are too involved with their own lives to play or encourage them will grow up to be adults who find it difficult to solve problems or make decisions.

Plan discovery-related activities for your children. Most towns have museums, art galleries, children's playgrounds and zoos -- places where your children will be stimulated to ask questions or be involved in challenging situations. Try to find places with hands-on activities, as these teach children to be engaged and curious.

Encourage your child to keep trying, even when the solution is a challenge. Resist the urge to come up with the answer yourself. Remember, your goal is to help your children figure things out for themselves and not to find the quickest solution.

To achieve these, playing puzzle games with children is a preferred option. As long as you can think of toys, you can find them here.

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