How To Deal with Accidents in Indoor Parks
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How To Deal with Accidents in Indoor Parks

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How To Deal with Accidents in Indoor Parks?

As an indoor playground, safety is always the most important thing in the operation . This article will help you take quick and effective measures to ensure the safety of visitors when encountering emergencies.

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1. Pay attention to the prevention of safety accidents in indoor parks

As we all know prevention is better than cure. Indoor parks should regularly inspect and maintain amusement equipment to ensure that all equipment meets safety standards. In addition, safety training for employees also very important,it will improve their safety awareness and emergency response capabilities is a key step in preventing accidents.

2.Formulation of emergency plan for indoor parks

Each park should have a detailed emergency plan, including various possible emergencies such as fire, earthquake, equipment failure and visitor injury. The plan should include evacuation routes, assembly points and emergency contact information.

3. Response measures when an accident happen

Personal accidents

When a visitor has a personal accident in the park, such as a fall or collision, he/she should first remain calm and immediately activate the emergency plan. For minor injuries, simple first aid should be immediately done; for serious injuries, medical assistance should be contacted as soon as possible, and the scene should be protected for subsequent investigation and claims.

Customer disputes

For parent disputes caused by minor conflicts such as children fighting over toys, staff should intervene quickly, try to calm the emotions of Children, separate children, and check the surveillance video if necessary to determine the responsible party.

Customer Complaints

When faced with customer complaints, staff should listen patiently, record the main points of the complaint, then sincerely apologize to the customer. Propose reasonable solutions and seek help from management when necessary.


Once a theft happen, you should immediately know the situation, check the surveillance, and record the relevant information. For the theft of valuables, you should assist customers call the police and actively cooperate with the police investigation.

Parents and children separated

If a parent and child are separated, calm them down immediately and use the broadcasting system to look for the missing party. If the missing party is not found within 15 minutes, contact the police for help.

Sudden power outage

In case of sudden power outage, staff should immediately use flashlights to illuminate and notify tourists through the broadcasting system. At the same time, maintain order and prevent panic and theft.

Equipment failure

Once an amusement equipment fails, the equipment should be stopped immediately and marked. The maintenance personnel should be notified to inspect and repair it as soon as possible.


In case of fire, staff should evacuate tourists quickly and use firefighting equipment to control the fire. At the same time, contact the fire department and local security for reinforcement.

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4. Post-incident handling

After the accident is handled, the incident should be recorded in detail and necessary compensation should be made according to the circumstances. At the same time, possible safety hazards should be checked and rectified to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

5. Continuous Improvement

Indoor parks should take the experience and lessons learned from each accident as an opportunity for improvement, continuously update and improve the indoor park emergency plan, and improve the level of safety management.

Through the above measures, indoor parks can ensure the safety of tourists while ensuring their happiness. Remember, safety is the lifeline of park operations, and our goal is to ensure that every tourist can have a safe and enjoyable play experience.

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