How To Choose Equipment for Your Indoor Sports Park?
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How To Choose Equipment for Your Indoor Sports Park?

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How to choose equipment for your indoor sports park?

       In the construction of indoor sports playground, equipment ratio is a vital consideration, especially when transforming trampoline parks into multi-functional sports facilities. The playground equipment ratio proportions will be affected by the transformation of tracks and sports fields. In this article, we highlight Pokiddo Park’s equipment ratio in indoor sports playground.

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      Sports competition equipment accounts for 50% of the entire equipment ratio in indoor sports playground. As a comprehensive sports playground, sports competition equipment is a core aspect. By providing various sports and competition facilities, including trampoline areas, rock climbing areas, digital sports areas, and others, we can fulfill players' needs for different sports and entertainment. This approach also promotes more participation in indoor sports entertainment, culminating in the development and improvement of sports elements.

      Amusement and entertainment facilities account for 30% of the overall proportion of indoor sports playground. As an indoor sports park, entertainment and recreational facilities play an important role in attracting players. By providing a variety of exciting and interesting amusement playground equipment, such as claw machines, carousels, bumper cars, among others, people can enjoy joy and relaxation after exercise, enhancing the entertainment and adventure experience facilities of the entire indoor sports playground.

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     The experiential adventure facilities account for 20% of the whole proportion of the museum. They provide a nature and adventure experience, including rock climbing, 360° bicycles, high-altitude swings, among others. These facilities offer people excitement and a sense of accomplishment directly from the adventure. Additionally, the adventure experience supports fitness development and a positive attitude, promoting the overall development of sports elements.

     Through the equipment ratio described above, we believe that we can promote the full development and improvement of sports elements while meeting people's entertainment needs. This approach allows individuals to enjoy the joy and relaxation brought by various entertainment facilities, as well as exercise and challenge themselves in sports competitions and experience adventures. We meet people's needs for diversified entertainment methods and promote the development and progress of sports comprehensive parks.

     In conclusion, equipment ratio is a crucial consideration in the construction of sports complex venues. Through reasonable proportions, we can meet people's entertainment needs while promoting the development and improvement of sports elements. This approach provides a multifunctional and diverse place for people to have fun and contentment in sports, entertainment, and adventure.

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