How to choose a better kindergarten floor?
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How to choose a better kindergarten floor?

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     Kindergarten floor, also known as children's floor, is a popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and south Korea and other countries of the new floor decoration materials. It is widely used in schools, kindergartens, preschool education centers and families. Products are mainly made of green PVC material, with zero formaldehyde, zero radioactivity, non - slip, anti - wear, fire, moisture, durable, easy maintenance, safety and other advantages.


1. environmental protection

  whether kindergarten or children's room health and environmental protection must be placed in the first place;

2. antiskid kindergarten floor

  antiskid is particularly important, now basically every family is a child, if the child fell in school, hurt is not serious also good, serious words that is very troublesome. Betta sells the floor skid resistance of the kindergarten in line with national standards, to prevent children from slipping and causing damage during exercise.

3. elastic has a certain impact absorption function,

  even if the child wrestling can also play a certain role in protection. Betta kindergarten professional floor impact absorption reached 25 - 30 %, can effectively prevent children from falling injury.

4. the antibacterial performance of the film compression test

  the Escherichia coli, pneumonia bacteria, Bacillus subtilis placed on the test floor, 24 hours later, respectively, calculate the amount of bacteria in the test, detect the antibacterial ability. The results showed that 98 % Escherichia coli, 100 % pneumococcus and b97 % Bacillus subtilis were sterilized in the special floor of weike kindergarten, and only 25 % / 30 % / 23 % in other floors. Hing iron building - kindergarten professional floor can effectively avoid bacteria breeding, protect children's health.

5. fun and education

  After all, is the kindergarten floor, if only very monotonous that kind of color or too gorgeous are quite suitable, weike kindergarten professional floor has a variety of color pattern can choose, including Disney company authorized a full set of Disney cartoon pattern. Betta kindergarten professional floor can also be customized according to customer needs.

6. unique quality

Betta kindergarten professional floor foam layer adopted by the bottom of the double adsorption anti-skid patent technology shading and reasonable weight, can be rolled out in the field after combined with artificial roll drum will be the air between the floor and the ground contact discharge, form a relative vacuum state, more adhesive force, more stability in sports.


7. comfort

 Betta kindergarten professional floor surface after special treatment, and light brightness, not light absorption and reflection dazzling, can better protect the eyes of athletes, not easy to produce fatigue, the total thickness of 4.5 mm or more, with appropriate foam bottom as the buffer layer, make it more shock absorption and rebound. The impact force of that leg is effectively reduce, the foot feels comfortable, and the sport injury is better avoided.

8. service life

  the floor is a big project in the decoration, service life must be considered, can't always be replaced once every half a year, Betta kindergarten professional floor normal service life of 8 - 10 years. Very wear - resistant, like some low-end and floor leather products with the hand almost can tear into two and a half of the product quality and service life not line, certainly can't choose.

9 easy to clean

Betta kindergarten floor surface antifouling technology treatment, can effectively clean the floor stain surface, convenient cleaning and finishing, reduce the cost of floor maintenance.


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