How Much It Will Cost To Bulid A Interactive Sport Commercial Indoor Playground
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How Much It Will Cost To Bulid A Interactive Sport Commercial Indoor Playground

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With the improvement of people's living standards, government is fully supported and  guided to do sport, Therefore, more and more people start pay attention to the concept of sports and healthy life.


The traditional fitness sports museum is a more important place for many friends, but the cost is high, and the sports mode is single and boring, usually give up after a few times. but for high -tech and interesting digital sports park venues, it uses a variety of expression forms such as projection, physical sensation, interaction, sound and light special effects, creating a highly realistic, super -depth, immersive digital simulation sports park venue. At the same time as entertainment, people can also exercise well, experience the fun of sports, so that they can immerse themselves in the super experience of sports entertainment, so that exercise is no longer single boring! 

commercial indoor play

After COVID-19, some smart investors captured the rapid development of the sports entertainment industry. Its gold absorption and huge drainage ability became one of the few investment blue oceans in the park industry. As of now,pokiddo has built the theme of sports and entertainment in pokiddo sports workshop. Once all sports park venues are opened, they have caused a sensation.

So for investors, how much does it cost if you want to open a digital sports park venue? Let's give you a brief introduction.

commercial indoor playground

The main part need to invest:

1,Sports park decoration: different decoration grades

2,Sports park equipment: buy different equipment grades and costs differently

3,Stadium Location: Different commercial location costs in different cities are different

4,Stadium area: What is the area used in the venue

Based on the actual situation of different city, we can make a rough, relatively average investment amount just for your reference:

100 square meters: 30-60W

200 square meters: 70-90W

500 square meters: 150-220W

More than 1,000 square meters: calculate according to 3,000 yuan per square meter

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