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How do bouncy castle work

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We get asked a lot about how a bouncy castle works or operates,if this is something you are also keen to know then read on.

A bouncy castle or inflatable is manufactured with a large industrial sewing machine and using robust commercial thread which means 

that the stitching leaves small holes throughout the inflatable.


When you come to inflatable your bouncy castle you connect the funnel to the blower and tie shut the deflation funnel. The fan is then switched on and the air flow is constantly going into the inflatable. Some people get confused as to why it is always connected to the fan - this is because the air leaves through the small holes so there is a constant flow of air going in and out of the inflatable and this is what makes it so bouncy.


This will also be why you can hear the air coming through and why the deflation funnel must be tightly secure at all times whilst in use otherwise it wouldn't fully inflate and the bouncy castle will seem soft and not secure.

When you are ready to deflate you make sure all the users are off the bouncy castle and then switch the fan off and untie the deflation funnel so all the air can come out before you roll and pack it away.

We hope this has helped you understand more but you can always contact us if you have any further questions or need any advice.

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