How to Cultivate Good Dieting Habbit of Children
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How to Cultivate Good Dieting Habbit of Children

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    Babies and infants are the age of cultivating children's various habits. Good eating habits can make children not partial to food, and good eating habits can promote children's ability to live and learn, and benefit children for a lifetime. Only good eating habits can make children have a healthy body and let them eat when they are eating. Develop the habit of focusing, which can lead children's attention to everything they do in the future. Children's good eating habits are the beginning of their learning habits and living habits. Correct guidance can make children have a positive effect on various habits. Here are some ways to help children develop good eating habits.

   1.  Fixed quantity

         Timing and quantification is conducive to regular digestion and absorption of food, can promote the use of food by human body, and is a necessary condition to prevent digestive disorders. But in real life, there are many parents who are afraid that their children will not be full or that they will have better nutrition. From the very beginning, they will make mistakes in their children's eating habits. If their children are not full, they will let them eat some eggs and bread, that is, they will let their children eat some bread. Keep thinking about ways to let children eat, which will cause digestive diseases, the most important thing is that it is not conducive to the normal diet of children at meals, not conducive to the hair of children.

  2.  Chew slowly.      

        Only chewing slowly and chewing food adequately can help reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract and increase appetite. But in real life, many parents always ask their children like adults. Keeping urging their children will make their stomach and intestines overtired. Chewing food is not conducive to digestion and absorption. Keeping urging can also help them. Let children have a psychological reversal to eating, eat less at dinner, and after eating, there will be excessive snacks. It is better for children to eat longer than adults. Don't keep nagging children about fast food.

  3.   We should develop the habit of not choosing to eat and not partial to eating.   

         All kinds of food, all kinds of vegetables and all kinds of food can be eaten, which is the correct eating habits. Sometimes the children's partial diet is caused by their parents, because the parents are the most clear about what the children like to eat and what they don't like to eat. For the children like to eat, they can eat more, which is allowed. Everyone has his own mouth. Feelings and tastes of liking, for parents who do not like children, do not go around saying what our children do not like to eat, which is the main reason for children's partial diet. If children have partial diet, parents should not be anxious, and do not ask the children why they do not like to eat what food, but give the children every few days. When Zi cooks a dish he doesn't like, he observes and encourages it, and slowly the child will stop picking.

  4.   Eat less snacks.         

        Parents should allow children to eat snacks, which is reasonable, but we should pay attention to guide children to eat less snacks, excessive preference for snacks, so that children will not eat or eat less at dinner. Some parents do not allow their children to eat any snacks for the sake of their children's health. This is also incorrect. This will affect the development of their children's taste. Allowance does not mean laissez-faire. Only by eating less snacks can they help their children to get reasonable nutrition at the table. It is only by minimizing snacks but not by eliminating them that they can meet their children's dietary needs. Li.

  5.  Let your child concentrate on eating.      

      Now the network is developed, all kinds of animation games can really make children's attention to me, many children can not do without mobile phones or animation at meals, or some parents think that reading children's books is conducive to the development of children, so they acquiesce that children read children's books at the dining table, which is not conducive to children's eating habits. It is not conducive to the formation of children's attention. Parents should pay attention to small details, which is the key to the formation of children's habits. Children should learn to eat quietly, attentively, steadily and wholeheartedly.

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