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Choosing Safe Toys

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Choosing Safe Toys


Watch choking hazards. Babies like to put things in their mouths, so stay away from toys with detachable small parts and glass or button eyes, which can come loose and become lodged in the throat.


Avoid sharp edges. Children are apt to run with their toys, and anything sharp can cause deep lacerations if they take a tumble.


Don't give children heavy toys. Children often overestimate their ability to pick up heavy or large objects. Dropping something heavy on themselves can cause serious injury, including broken bones.


Stay away from toys with small magnets. Even strong magnets can be pulled apart and swallowed. This can pose a choking hazard and can even lead to digestive tract injuries leading to surgery.[11]


Skip the explosives. Children should not be given anything which might ignite, including fireworks or chemistry sets. Even under supervision, these can create a dangerous situation which could get out of hand quickly.


Don't buy weapons for children. Even if they seem harmless, children can be seriously injured by BB guns, air rifles, darts, arrows, boomerangs, and paintball guns.


Check for lead paint and other toxic materials. Regulations today restrict the use of these dangerous materials in children's toys, but this hasn't always been the case, so it's especially important to research vintage toys before you give them to children.


Buy protective gear. If you give your child a tricycle or bicycle, remember to buy protective gear, such as helmets and knee and elbow pads.

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