Advantages of Indoor Playgrounds &outdoor playgrounds
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Advantages of Indoor Playgrounds &outdoor playgrounds

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Free play is a great advantage for kids since it will help develop different aspects of their well-being. The indoor and outdoor play has its own advantages and benefits. Parents, get to know more of what’s the difference in this article.

Outdoor Play

Vitamin D – Kid’s won’t get their needed amount of Vitamin D if they only drink milk. There are two ways on how kids can get their daily dose of Vitamin D, can be from their dietary intake and exposure to UV-B rays in natural sunlight. With the two choices, of course, sunlight is free and definitely a natural way to get Vitamin D. Encouraging kids to go outside and let the sunlight reach their skin provides tons of benefits: it can prevent heart disease, build stronger bones and more. Fill up the needed 400 or 600 international units needed by infants and children older than one, respectively, need.

Better Vision – There are studies that reveal outdoor play helps in improving a child’s eyesight. This is considered a cost-effective way to improve their vision and overall health. These studies specifically mention that outdoor play helps to lower the risk of nearsightedness in children and adolescents.

Better Attention Span – According to a study, kids were exposed to nature for twenty minutes and the ones who were able to connect with nature are better able to pay attention and act appropriately. Their exposure helped increase their feeling of vitality and performance level, meaning their ability to learn, absorb and retain information increased.



Indoor Play

Perfect alternative for any season – Even though the Philippines only has two seasons, the rainy and dry season oftentimes become too strong, preventing children to play outside. With all the available indoor playgrounds, there is no need to worry if your children are going to get a cold during the rain or sunburn during the hot days.

Stimulates Creativity – Indoor playgrounds often contain activities that can boost creativity and imagination for kids. There are mini villages that let they roleplay what they want to be when they grow up or even experience arts and crafts. It’s up to them on how they will spend their time and have fun with new found friends inside an indoor playground.

Lower chances of injuries – As parents, sometimes we need to let our children experience new things that also helps in their development. This is where indoor playgrounds are often made with soft cushions, such as ball pits, tumble mats and soft stuff that lower the risk of certain dangers and injuries.

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