Why choose Bettaplay EPP imagination building blocks ?
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Why choose Bettaplay EPP imagination building blocks ?

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1. Bettaplay=non-toxic & harmless!

While 1 of every 3 other toys tested in a study of 1,500 popular children’s toys contained potentially harmful levels of lead, arsenic, mercury and other dangerous chemicals, according to findings released earlier this month by the Ecology Center, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based consumer safety organization. Most of the toys tested positive for only one of the chemicals.



Ever wonder why some plastic goods or toys have that awful smell? This is especially the case with many rubberized plastics.

Research and testing is increasingly illustrating that these materials may not just smell bad. They may also be outgassing potent toxins and carcinogens.

3. Bettaplay=Colors

Bright colors are warm, happy, and inviting for both kids and parents.  Colors make kids happier & exciting.

Kids typically don't think about the story in a book, the rules and challenge of a game, the plot of a cartoon, or anything like that.

Kids are interested in the visual.  That's all they really care about.


4. Bettaplay=Recycling

Betta is made of a kind of security and environmental material which is convenient to be recycled.


5. Bettaplay=Free Play

Unstructured, child-directed play is a critical component of healthy social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Unlike toys and games,Betta Imagination Blocks Playground don’t dictate to children the way they’re meant to be played.

With Betta Imagination Playground, kids literally make their own open-ended fun. There's no right or wrong way to play with them.

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