Why Should You Use Betta Wall Padding in Kids Play Area?
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Why Should You Use Betta Wall Padding in Kids Play Area?

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Wall Padding:why should you use  betta wall padding in kids play area?

Wall Padding with shockproof buffer characteristics, for the children's daily life escort, children room selection soft package is undoubtedly the best choice for parents, not a few kindergarten walls are decorated with soft package materials.
What are the advantages of using flexible packaging for repair?
1. It has the effect of moisture-proof, sound insulation and environmental protection.
2. not only added indoor color, beautiful and generous, warm and tasteful, and is conducive to physical and mental health.
3. The materials used are soft in texture and soft in color, which can soften the overall space atmosphere.
4. It has anti-collision function, which can protect children's safety to a certain extent when used in kindergarten decoration.
5. Easy maintenance. Surface dust and debris can be treated with a vacuum cleaner, if you find that the stain should be removed in a timely manner, the general first use diluted detergent in the stain brush, then wipe off the foam with a clean cloth can.
6. The health of furniture is the primary premise of home decoration at present. The surface layer of soft package is mainly made of cloth and other materials. When the construction only needs to stick with the special environmental protection glue directly, has saved the early stage metope processing procedure, has put an end to the chemical again. Cleaning is also more convenient.

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