What the functions should indoor playground have ?
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What the functions should indoor playground have ?

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A. Tubby Slide

donut slide .jpg

      Snow Tubby Slides are a popular attraction for kids. The donut slide is a different alternative to the normal slides. The child slides down using a donut similar to how a child slides down the hill in winter. With this slide, instead of just winter, the children can enjoy the slide the whole year around.

      Designed with families and active lifestyles in mind, tubby slide will give you a workout you won’t forget. What's more, tubby slide is not just a playground for kids, it’s a playground for adults as well so everyone can get in on the fun together.

B. Rainbow crochet  playground

rainbow crochet playground

       The indoor rainbow crochet  playground with ball pit  equipment  provide hours of fun and challenge and allows children of all ages to take part in.

       The rainbow crochet is very sturdy and durable, and is very easy to assemble. The item is delivered quickly and in perfect packages that will protect your products very well.We're sure that you will find it as good as advertised.

       This big attraction can be played by many children and offers an unlimited combination of climbing games and play activities.This adorable toy will also let kids enjoy their imaginations!

C. Electric Train

Bettaplay Outdoor Theme Park Amusements Rides Electric Train For Sale

Kids love train rides, why ?  KIDS NEED PLAY!

     Betta's train for kids are very popular with children because of it’s unique and rich styles. Kids train rides really reflects the children’s nature. The great train rides are designed for Kids children’s naive, capricious, naughty, curious and adventurous spirit. At the same time, Kid-friendly train rides is also a symbol of human being’s civilization and is a living fossil for children in the early years of the industrial revolution. Train Rides for 

     Kids are essential classic project among amusement equipment and are loved commonly by children nowadays in amusement parks, commercial centers, parks and funfairs. Compared with other kids thrilling amusement equipments, theTrain Adventures for Kids and Families are of high safety performance. It can also help the development of children’s EQ, so Kiddy train are also widely accepted by the parents.

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