What' s the difference of opening indoor playground between outdoor playground?
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What' s the difference of opening indoor playground between outdoor playground?

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What' s the difference of opening indoor playground between outdoor playground?

Children's playground is a place for children to play and entertain. There are various games and amusement equipment. There are two types of children's playgrounds: one is outdoor children's playground and the other is indoor children's playground. Investors need to pay attention to and consider different factors when investing in the two parks, and their business methods are also different. What is the difference?

1.Different venue requirements

Indoor parks and outdoor parks have different requirements for venue stores, one is indoor and the other is outdoor. The cost of renting a natural venue varies. In the same area with similar economic consumption levels, the rent of indoor parks is generally higher than that of outdoor parks, and the cost of outdoor amusement equipment rental venues is relatively low; one is that the economic value of outdoor parks is not as high as that of indoor parks. It is necessary to pay an additional cost for the interior decoration in the later stage, while the outdoor can save these expenses. The second is that the indoor park is not affected by the weather. Whether it is raining, snowing, or sweltering, indoor amusement equipment can operate as usual. Outdoors will be affected by factors such as weather and geographical environment.


2.The choice of equipment items is different


Then there are differences in the choice of amusement equipment for indoor and outdoor parks. Generally, outdoor parks have more options when purchasing amusement equipment. Small amusement equipment, children amusement equipment, medium amusement equipment, and large amusement equipment are all available.


Indoor amusement has certain restrictions when purchasing amusement equipment. Under normal circumstances, medium-sized amusement equipment and large-scale amusement equipment are not suitable for indoors, because they are too high, wide, and heavy. You can only choose those small amusement equipment, children's amusement equipment, naughty castles, theme amusement equipment and so on. Indoor amusement equipment tends to be more exquisite and attractive.

3.Different marketing methods


For general indoor amusement equipment, the usual marketing methods such as: handling membership cards may be divided into gold cards, silver cards, ordinary cards, etc., and the card level is different, and the benefits are the same. Or: recharge-type marketing methods, how much money you top up and how much money you get. This will also make customers feel affordable, which leads to the formation of a fixed consumer group.


As for the management methods of outdoor parks, there are also some, but not many. Most of the usual marketing relies on buying tickets, one ticket per device, and one ticket alone; or combined tickets, one ticket for several devices. There are also some operators who will issue discounts on some group buying platforms. This is also a marketing tool for outdoor amusement equipment. The consumer groups in outdoor parks are not as fixed as the indoor consumer groups.


Whether operating an outdoor park or an indoor park, they have their own advantages and points to pay attention to. Investors can carefully consider which type of children's park to invest in according to their own plan goals and actual inspection conditions.

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