The Future of Commercial Playgrounds after Corona Virus
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The Future of Commercial Playgrounds after Corona Virus

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Imagining the future of playdates at commercial playgrounds may paint a picture of a different world, but hopefully, it will indeed be one that is undoubtedly better. For it to be better, however, substantial contributions from individuals, the community as a whole and even the government are necessary.


While parents may enforce rules based on what they believe would be best for their children, they should always respect parenting styles that are nothing like their own. They should likewise be able to teach their kids that differences do not always mean one is right and the other is wrong. It is important to remember here that kids and their playmates may have distinctly different upbringing, even when they belong to the same neighbourhood.


The community, for its part, should implement measures that best suit their needs, rather than merely imitating what works in other places. At a time when the world is battling an unprecedented crisis, there exists no single solution that is applicable for all. For that reason, decision-makers must take into careful consideration the unique requirements and limitations that will influence the actions they will take for the greater good.


As for the government, may they heed the call for better regulations to ensure that the public will adhere to higher standards when it comes to cleanliness and sanitisation.


When the crisis is over, parents may continue to look for safe environments where they can bring the kids to play and interact with others. Playspaces, after all, are not luxuries considering the role they play in the development of young people.

With the importance of play established, it is understandable to expect that playdates will resume eventually. Those dates will not look the same for sure as those who will be providing the play spaces, for instance, are expected to increase their standards to earn and keep the trust of their customers. Efforts to explore how commercial playground equipment may be developed further to address changes in customers’ preferences are likewise crucial.


Among the welcome developments, we can look forward to play experiences that support and encourage profound learning through the aid of relatively easy to clean equipment.


For now, if you are in the commercial playground industry preparing for your reopening, use this time wisely to repair, replace and upgrade your equipment. If you need expert assistance in improving your play spaces, feel free to get in touch with our team. When you reopen, you may even find yourself celebrating not just your milestone, but other important occasions for your customers as well.



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