Small Products,Big Returns——Giant Pin Art Wall
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Small Products,Big Returns——Giant Pin Art Wall

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Small Products,Big Returns——Giant Pin Art Wall

Giant pin art wall is a kind of cloning three-dimensional shape formed by the contour of the needle body through the docking of multiple needle bodies and the contour of the contact object, which can enrich people's imagination, stimulate creative inspiration, and exercise thinking ability.

三维针雕 (2)

Giant pin art wall is a classic game that kids or adults have been playing for years. The three-dimensional Giant pin art wall is suitable for modeling the face, hands, and the entire human body. The gameplay is very simple. The product is composed of thousands of needles. It is like a wall with many small nails that can move back and forth. As long as people approach it and press their body into the "wall", the shape of the body will change. Can stand out on the other side of the "wall". The device can use multiple needles to present tourists' faces, hands, foot prints, etc. The shapes that can be cloned are even more varied, and the gameplay is very simple and the effect is amazing. In the process, people won't get hurt by the giant pin screen because the pins are made of highly durable plastic.


The product can shape your favorite shape infinitely and reshape your favorite pattern. Suitable for all ages, with its own drainage effect, it is a low-cost Internet celebrity amusement product.

三维针雕 (大号) (3)

Giant pin art wall is made of high-hardness ABS engineering material, and its own material is made of thickened steel. The needle cap is made of high-quality silicone, which is very wear-resistant.


The giant pin art wall covers a small area and is easy to install. It can be used in the scenes of New Year activities, opening ceremonies, real estate activities, and business promotions to better attract customers and gather popularity. It is also suitable for campuses, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property communities, squares, playgrounds, children's palaces, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, resorts, beaches and other places as well as various indoor and outdoor children's places for play and entertainment.


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