Is softplay good for Babies and toddlers?
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Is softplay good for Babies and toddlers?

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Is softplay good for Babies and toddlers?


For many years now soft play has been a favourite among children of all ages. It’s something they never seem to grow out of and so it remains an enjoyable activity throughout childhood. Aside from being great fun, there are many benefits to soft play particularly for babies and toddlers.


So, why exactly is soft play so great?



Soft play is safe


All children’s play comes with minor risks; falling over, scraping knees, bumping heads… it simply can’t be avoided. One of the major perks of soft play is that it provides a safe setting for young children to explore their boundaries and play. Soft mats provide a gentle landing for those inevitable trips and falls and soft shapes and bricks have no sharp corners.


It’s good for physical development

The safe, soft environment can boost a child’s confidence and encourage them to push their physical boundaries. This confidence to crawl and walk with no hard bumps when they fall will see children improve their agility, muscle strength and balance.

Soft play is sensory

Babies and toddlers will experience new textures in soft play. As well as being squishy, soft play toys have smooth surfaces that children may not have come across before. Also, soft play is typically brightly coloured and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can be visually pleasing for young children as well.


It’s mentally stimulating


As children grow from babies to toddlers they start to problem solve and develop their minds. Soft play is often made to be stackable for play building and the various shapes mean that games can easily be created. Toddlers in particular will thrive off of this and will begin to use their imaginations, making them healthy, happy children.

Soft play is sociable


In a soft play centre, children can meet other children of their own age. Playing together in an environment that’s fun and exciting will allow them to form friendships and learn important social manners, such as sharing.

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