How to keep indoor playground safe
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How to keep indoor playground safe

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Opening an indoor playground should be considered in many ways.
Before opening a shop, we should consider location selection and rent; after opening a shop, we should consider publicity and operation.
One problem that many operators may overlook is the safety of Paradise.
Do a good job of the safety of the park, reduce the children in the park when playing vulnerable problems. Children are happy, parents can rest assured. A kind of
Selection of amusement equipment
The operators of indoor children's parks should choose safe and high-quality equipment when choosing amusement facilities. Choose equipment of good quality, and pay attention to some small details.
It is better to wrap sharp points such as corners with soft sponges and other materials to prevent children from being injured. Periodically check whether the connection is firm or not. If there is loosening, it should be tightened in time. In addition, the active connection should be regularly lubricated to avoid rusting.
Regular circuit inspection, timely replacement of aging wires, circuit failure should be repaired in time to ensure the normal operation of amusement equipment.
Hygienic disinfection work
Do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting indoor children's paradise, cleaning and disinfecting regularly every day, and paste disinfection notice. When visitors enter the park, they are equipped with shoes, socks and other tools to provide hand sanitizer and hand washing.
Let parents rest assured of the hygiene of the playground and children's playground. It also improves parents'good impression of the playground.
Personnel management and training
Professional staff guide children to play, avoid too many children concentrated in a certain type of equipment to trigger competition, while helping children to use recreational equipment correctly, to prevent injuries caused by improper use of equipment.
Staff training on safety and guidance before taking up their posts can avoid many unnecessary accidents.
Enacting regulations for admission
Put up a notice at the entrance to inform the accompanying staff of the matters needing attention.
If it is forbidden to bring sharp and hard objects into the park, keep the park sanitary, do not throw rubbish, feed children at will and other requirements, at the same time, it can clearly indicate the applicable age of amusement equipment, matters needing attention, and inform accompanying personnel.

Playground is the place that children must go in their childhood, because there are all kinds of items suitable for children to play, such as jumping, swing, slide, merry-go-round, etc., in which children are happy. Especially in big cities and on weekends, there are several times more children in these children's playgrounds than usual. Many parents are worried about the safety and hygiene of these facilities for children's play. So are these children's playgrounds and recreational facilities safe? What do parents need to pay attention to during their children's play?
How to supervise the health and safety of children's playgrounds?
In general, the air in shopping malls is relatively closed. In large-scale children's playgrounds, staff check the health condition every day. Many shopping malls stipulate that the managers or operators of indoor children's playgrounds must clean and disinfect the playground facilities every day. These indoor children's playgrounds are only maintained by store management and operators. There are many small or mall playgrounds without strict hygiene requirements, which are cleaned only once a week. The health situation is worrying.
Therefore, when taking children to play in the children's playground, parents and managers have to entrust orally. If the children have any accidents in the playground, the playground should bear full responsibility. If the merchant has posted a disclaimer on the playground, does the merchant not have to bear the liability for compensation? In fact, if there are potential safety hazards in the facilities and cause harm to the children, even if the merchants have a disclaimer, they should also bear the liability for compensation.

I. Safety Standards for Amusement Park Equipment
Safety insurance measures: the passenger part and overall structure of children's amusement facilities operating in the air
It should be solid and reliable.
Its important parts and components should be insured.
Hanging steel wire for passenger part
The number of ropes or chains shall not be less than two.
Connecting with the seating section,
A disconnection must be considered
It keeps balance.
Safety restraint device for passengers: When the amusement facilities are running, passengers may be in the ride.
When it is moved, collided or thrown out or slipped out, it must be equipped with a passenger restraint device. Danger to
Hazardous recreational facilities,
Two independent restraint devices should be considered when necessary.
May adopt
Safety belt, safety bar, baffle, etc.
Safety of safety fences and platforms: Safety fences should be set up at the entrance and exit, respectively.
Guidance fence should be set up everywhere.
The platform should have anti-skid measures.
Safety fence door opening direction should be with passengers
Consistent direction of progress
In order to prevent injuries to people's hands when closing the door,
The clearance between the door frame and the column should be appropriate, or other protective measures should be taken.
Other safety requirements: playground facilities should have striking safety in necessary places and places
Safety signs are classified as prohibited signs

There are four types. Passengers are not allowed to go outside where they can reach them.
Dew sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions, etc.
2. Emergency measures
If you have any discomfort with recreational equipment, such as boating, which includes rotation and rotation, please do not hesitate to do so.
Show the staff with gestures and expressions.
The staff will stop the machine in time.
And according to the specific circumstances, arrange the rest or treatment of the discomfort of the tourists.
Large-scale blackouts have caused amusement equipment to shut down. Don't panic, just listen to the workers.
Personnel arrangement can ensure that tourists will be driven by machinery, manual and standby electric power.
Lead safely to a safe place.
In the event of a fire in an amusement park, passengers are often fixed to their seats by safety equipment.
They can't play and can only passively wait for rescue, thus losing their ability to escape. So having fun
When installing the equipment, we should pay more attention to the flammable materials around and report to the staff in time.

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