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How to Entertain Kids When You Are Babysitting (A)

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How to Entertain Kids When You Are Babysitting

Keeping kids entertained when you’re babysitting isn’t always easy. Fortunately, between playing games, making arts and crafts, and going outside, there are plenty of activities you can do to keep the kids you're babysitting entertained and happy.

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The best way to entertain kids when you’re babysitting depends on how old the kids are. If you’re babysitting toddlers, play easy baby games like peek-a-boo and Simon Says. If you're babysitting preschoolers, do mess-free crafts and play letter and number games. If you’re babysitting kids in elementary school, play board games, do some painting, or play catch outside. If you’re babysitting older kids in middle school, cook with them, play chess, or take them to a nearby park. For more ways you can entertain kids you're babysitting, read on!

Entertaining Toddlers

1.Play easy baby games if they seem calm. Stick with games that don’t have very many rules. Toddlers won’t be able to follow along with complicated games, and they can get frustrated quickly.

If you’re babysitting a 1-year-old toddler, play games like peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek with their favorite stuffed animal.

If the toddler is closer to 2 years old, try making patterns using blocks or rolling a ball back and forth across the floor.

If you’re babysitting an older toddler, try games like Simon Says and Hot and Cold.

2.Have them pick out a toy to play with if they're energetic. Go in their room or wherever their toys are kept and let them choose something. If you’re babysitting a younger toddler, you may need to help them pick out a toy. Once they’ve chosen a toy, get on the floor and play with the toy with them.

3.Read to them when it’s naptime. It will be easier to get them to sleep if you hang around and read them a quick story. Find a children’s book they have and hold it so they can see the pictures. Point out the different characters in the pictures as you’re reading along. Eventually, the toddler you're babysitting should drift to sleep.

4.Supervise them at all times. No matter what activity you’re doing, you should constantly monitor the toddler you’re babysitting. Toddlers can easily get into something they’re not supposed to or accidentally bump into something and hurt themselves. If you're grabbing something from another room or setting up an activity, make sure they're in your line of sight.

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Entertaining Preschoolers

1.Play letters and numbers games if they're in the mood to learn. Preschoolers are just starting to learn to recognize letters and numbers, so look for games that focus on those things. Make sure the games are easy to understand so the preschooler you’re babysitting can follow along.

Play with them on a big ABC mat.

Play with letter tiles. Hold up a tile and have them guess what letter it is. If they get it right, give them the tile.

Play memory with a deck of cards. Spread all the cards out face down and have them flip the cards 2 at a time. The goal is for them to flip over 2 cards that are the same number.

2.Play with playdough if they want to make something. Put the playdough on a tray or plate so the preschooler you’re babysitting doesn’t make a mess. Help them build things with it and show them how to roll the playdough with their hands.

Don’t forget to clean up when you’re finished.

Make sure the preschooler you're babysitting doesn't try to eat the playdough!

3.Do easy, mess-free crafts if they're in a creative mood. Keep in mind that preschoolers may get things on their skin and in their mouth, so don’t use any supplies that are toxic or messy. Stick with crafts that are simple and easy to clean up. Supervise them at all times so they don't make a big mess.

Have the preschooler you’re babysitting play with stickers. Give them a sheet of paper and help them peel off the stickers and stick them to the paper.

Give them paper and crayons to draw with. Crayons aren’t as messy as markers or paint, so you won’t have to worry about a big clean up afterward.

Have them draw shapes and then you cut them out. Then, let them position the shapes on a sheet of paper. You can tape or glue the shapes to the paper for them.

4.Get permission to take them outside and do simple, low key activities. Avoid strenuous or overly active games that could lead to the preschooler you’re babysitting getting hurt. If you’re going to bring them outside, stick with activities where you’re sitting or walking, as opposed to running or throwing things.

Go outside and draw with sidewalk chalk.

Prepare some bubbles and let the preschooler you’re babysitting play with them outside.

Walk them around the backyard and teach them about the different plants and animals you encounter.

5.Watch an educational TV show together if they seem tired. If you can't find a show on TV, search online and watch an episode of something on the computer. This is a great activity for later in the evening when the preschooler you're babysitting may be getting tired. Do try to limit their screen time though so you don't spend the whole time you're babysitting them watching TV.

Make sure you get permission from their parents before you watch something with them.

Ask the preschooler or their parents what their favorite TV shows are.

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