How to Choose A Theme For Your Indoor Playground
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How to Choose A Theme For Your Indoor Playground

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    Kids dream big, and choosing a theme for your indoor playground lets them imagine themselves in a magical castle, on a far-off island, in an enchanted forest or just about anywhere else they can dream up. Playing pretend in a pirate ship or a Wild West train station can really get kids fired up about using their imaginations and can ensure they keep coming back to play out the next scene of their big adventure.

    Themed playground is also practical for you. You can choose a theme that aligns with your organization’s logo or mission. You can also create a cool space that works together as a cohesive goal. Indoor playgrounds are great on their own, but you can really get that “wow” factor when visitors can walk into your space and encounter a marine theme or an indoor beach!

Deciding on a theme for your playground begins by taking a look at the kids who will be playing at your playground and the type of organization you are. As you’re deciding on a playground theme, consider:

  • Your Organization and Location. Sometimes, the right themes stem from who you are and where your playground is located. If you’re near the beach and your organization’s logo has a wave image, a seaside theme may be the organic choice. If you are located in Texas or the west, a Wild West theme might be a good fit.

  • Taking a Look at Some Existing Themed Playgrounds. Soft Play® has created themed playgrounds for organizations across the country. Our custom design capabilities mean you’re not limited to choosing something out of a catalog. If you can dream it, we can customize it.

  • The Children Who Will Visit. Consider the age of your visitors. Younger children may respond better to neutrally themed playgrounds, such as forests or green spaces. Older kids may appreciate the excitement of a fire truck theme, Medieval theme or other adrenaline-pumping adventure themes. Older children may also appreciate themes where more movement is possible. Something like a ship may be right for swash-buckling excitement!

  • Your Space. You may want your playground to be a giant ship, but if your space is small with a low ceiling, another option may be a better choice.

  • Your Budget. Soft Play can work with different budgets, but keep in mind that if your budget is tighter, simpler play areas with fewer customizations can be the most wallet-friendly.

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