How To Invest in Trampoline Parks, What Factors Need To Consider in Investment in Trampoline Parks?
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How To Invest in Trampoline Parks, What Factors Need To Consider in Investment in Trampoline Parks?

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How to invest in trampoline parks, what factors need to consider in investment in trampoline parks?

Investing in a large trampoline park requires careful consideration of several factors, including timing, location, target audience, and management. However, the most crucial aspect lies in the planning and design layout of the park, which accounts for 70% of its potential success.

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1. Market research

Market research is vital for opening a stable and profitable trampoline park at the right time and place, as it allows investors to gain a complete understanding of the market. When considering a potential venue, trampoline park investors should take the following factors into account:

1. Competition within five kilometers of the business area - It is essential to know whether any competitors exist nearby and what distinguishes them from one another.

2. Market demand and potential consumer groups within five kilometers - Understanding the population, development level, economic income, and consumption power of the area can help determine if there is a viable target audience.

3. Industry trends within 5 kilometers of the operation area - Analyzing other sporting and recreational venues, such as playgrounds and gyms, will provide insights into the area's overall operation, risks, and potential development. It's also essential to assess the traffic status of competitors and to differentiate the trampoline park's competition model rather than blindly following trends.

By considering these factors, trampoline park investors can gain critical insights into the market, identify risks and opportunities, and create a successful business plan. Conducting thorough market research is essential for establishing a profitable and sustainable trampoline park business.

By following these safety measures, investors can ensure tourists' safety and maximize the trampoline park's profit income.

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2. Site selection of trampoline venues

When selecting a location for a trampoline park, several essential factors need to be considered:

1. Stadium location - As the main customers of trampoline park are usually children, young adults, and teenagers, it is recommended that trampoline parks are located in places that are close to them. For instance, schools, city centers, big supermarkets, commercial complexes, and comprehensive entertainment venues all make great locations. Trampoline parks should be located on the first to third floors, and underground floors should only be used when they are open and able to comply with fire safety regulations.

2. Site rent, traffic conditions, and hardware facilities - Rent costs can be vary depends on the region and level of consumption. When selecting a place, it is important to consider the overall expense. It is suggested that a location with low rent and favorable property conditions be chosen, such as renovated factories. Also, the site should be located in a location with good traffic conditions and have nearby facilities to support the business, such as restaurants, parking facilities, and public transportation.

3.When selecting a location for a trampoline park, there are various possible venue options that investors can consider, such as:Commercial centers, Shopping malls,Cultural museum reconstructions, Gyms and fitness centers,Large amusement parks, Factories and warehouses,Hotels and scenic areas

By carefully assessing these options, trampoline park investors can make an informed decision related to location selection. Such a thoughtful decision is vital for the long-term success and prosperity of the business. Therefore, selecting the right venue plays a crucial role in the overall performance of a trampoline park.

3. The venue requirements of the trampoline hall

When designing a trampoline park, it is important to consider the height and floor area of the venue.

1. Height:

For children's trampoline parks, the net height should be at least four meters, and for adult parks, it should be more than five meters. Venues with a net height of more than eight meters can accommodate all high-altitude projects. The higher the height, the more equipment can be installed.

2. Floor Area:

The suitable floor area of a trampoline park depends on the target audience, venue positioning, surrounding population, planning, and investors' funds. For instance, a park serving children aged three to twelve can function adequately in an area less than 500 square meters. For all age groups, a minimum area of 600 square meters is adequate, with a recommended allocation of 60-80% of the area to trampoline equipment. The remaining space should be used for supporting facilities like reception areas, catering areas, and ornamental tables.

By focusing on these factors, investors can design a suitable trampoline park that caters to their target demographic and offers a profitable and sustainable service.

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