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Bettaplay Giant connect 4

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Bettaplay Giant Connect 4

Bettaplay Giant Connect 4 is one of dozens of larger-than-life indoor & outdoor games . Though this one was set up with the little ones in mind, Connect Four has certainly proven to hold a place in the hearts of many generations. If you remember the TV commercial featuring the phrase "Pretty sneaky, sis!" you may just find yourself playing this game more often than you think! And...if you're not careful, your children might just get 'lucky' and beat you once (or twice) at it!

History of Giant Connect 4

This game is centuries old, Captain James Cook used to play it with his fellow officers on his long voyages, and so it has also been called "Captain's Mistress". Milton Bradley (now owned by Hasbro) published a version of this game called "Connect Four" in 1974.
Other names for this this game are "Four-in-a-Row" and "Plot Four".

How to play Bettaplay Giant Connect 4

Bettaplay Giant Connect 4 is a game which requires strategy, skill...and a bit of luck. Arrange 4 counters in a line to win, but watch out as your opponent will try and block you! Use your skill and wits to get 4 in a row of your colour in any horizontal, vertical or diagonal formation to win.

Click here to play the Line up 4 fun(4 in line) Game with Alpha Go, see who will be the winner ?!


Why choose Bettaplay Giant Connect 4

Bettaplay Giant connect 4 --Better than Moruku and Fidget Spinner!?

Moruku and Fidget Spinner can relax yourself, so do Betta connect 4!!!

It not only just for relax, also it pay much attention to teamwork!
you can play with you your family,your friends, your partners,etc.it will be a good way for you to strong relationship with them!!!

you may know Moruku and Fidget Spinner, now you will know Bettaplay Giant connect 4!!!

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