9 indoor places to take the kids when it's too hot to play outside
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9 indoor places to take the kids when it's too hot to play outside

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We know the scenario all too well.

It's hot as Hades outside. The kids are going stir crazy, and to be honest, you kind of are too. They NEED to run some of the energy out. But, like we said. It's over 100 degrees. You can't, in good conscience, just tell them to go outside. 

So, what's a mom to do?

We say get out of the house. But, not any place stuffy where kids have to be quiet. Nah, you want them to get that loudness and craziness out of their system.

So, to help a fellow mama out, we've listed a few ideas below, all places the kids can be loud and you can just chill. Unless, of course you want to play, too. 

Roller skating

You might get a little nostalgic taking the kids skating. We sure do. In fact, some of us even join the kids on the rink. Great exercise, fun music and it's exhausting. Win, win, win. Pro tip: Check the calendar for dollar night, tiny tots or family night. 

Cost: Prices vary, depending on when you go. Family night is $12 for a family up to six people. Skate rental is $3.


Lance Ryberg, right, herds children towards the skating rink during his daughter's birthday party at Skate Country on Sunday Nov. 20, 2011. Daughter Jillian Ryberg, 6, foreground leads the way. 


Trampoline park

This is the ultimate energy zapper. They can jump, do an obstacle course, play dodge ball, basketball or climb a rock wall. Of course it depends on which place you go to. There are two trampoline parks to choose from here. Get Air has the obstacle course and AZ Airtime has the rock wall. 

Cost: $7 for kids under 46" tall and $12 for everyone else for one hour at Get Air; $8 for ages six and under and $13 for 7 and older for two hours at AZ Air Time


Damian Walters Jr., 4, hits a trampoline at  Get Air Tucson.

All the jumpies

If the trampoline park isn't your bag, you can play in a warehouse full of giant inflatables. What we love about Pump it Up is that it allows kids to play on the inflatables by age, so you don't have to worry about your toddler getting trampled on by older kids. Plus you get to play free with your child's paid admission. And, it offers sensory jump time. 

Cost: $10 for open jump time; $7 for Toddler Time, which is for ages 5-and-under; $9 for Sensory Jump Night

                               Madison, 6, clings to her father, J.J. Schmidt, while playing a game in one of the inflatable toys at Pump It Up of Tucson. The facility offers party packages.                                                        

Go to the mall

No matter what part of town you live in, there's a close mall. The children's areas are great to let the kids run around, play and make new friends. So, take a seat and let the children be free. Also, make sure to check the mall calendars for kid's events. Pro tip: Kid areas are kind of enclosed but not hard to escape, so make sure you're watching. 

Where: Tucson Mall, 4500 N. Oracle Road; Park Place Mall, 5870 E. Broadway; Foothills Mall, 7401 N. La Cholla Blvd.

Cost: Free 


Joan Cass introduces kids to a great horned owl. The owl has been with the Tucson Wildlife Center for about 11 years.


Laser tag and other games

In laser tag, they can run around, yelling while trying to shoot each other's targets with laser guns. These places also have arcade games including ski ball and air hockey. 

Cost: Laser tag is $7.99 per person at Funtasticks and $7.25 per person at Golf N' Stuff. Pro tip: Thursday nights are family nights at Golf N' Stuff. You can get a two-hour unlimited-use wristband for $17 per person. 

                               Michael Alvarez sticks out his head for a breath of air as he takes a break from his laser-tag battle.                                                        

Learn something

Learning can be fun and it doesn't have to be quiet. The Children's Museum Tucson has lots of hands-on activities and exhibits for the little ones to learn through play. 

Cost: $8 for adults and children. Pro tip: The 3rd of each month is $3 admission day.


Children play in the “Build It” room.


There are LOTS of places to go bowling. Five of them participate in the Kids Bowl Free Program, where kids can get two free games of bowling every day all summer. You have to sign up though. Do that here. You can play with the kids or just take advantage of the excellent people watching opportunity.

Cost: Free for two games if you're registered for Kids Bowl Free.


Alicia Shanklin, 12, takes a crack at bowling at Fiesta Lanes during a meeting in September of the Tucson Roadrunners Chapter of Little People of America Association.


You can also check out Bedroxx Bowling. It has bowling, pool tables, arcade games and food. 

Mondays are Family Movie Night, where you can get two hours of bowling with shoe rental, a 12-inch pizza, popcorn and free showing of a selected movie for $25 for a family of four. It's $30 for a family of six. 


Family Playtime

Enjoy playing together at an indoor playground. Playformance is an indoor parkour and play-based fitness program that helps kids build character and strength through play. There are colorful tumbling mats, obstacles and more. The facility has several programs to choose from, including Family Play, which is from 9:30-10:30 a.m. and 10:30-11:30 a.m. every Saturday. There's free coffee involved.

Cost: $15/hour per child or you can get a Play Pass for $100, which is good for 10 hours of open play. Adults are free. 

Pizza and games

We'd bet that most kids love pizza and playing games. Although these places are super loud, they offer kids the chance to hang out, make some noise and maybe win some prizes. Pro tip: We like the fact that Chuck E. Cheese won't let your children out with anybody whose stamp doesn't match theirs. Also, games are only one token there. 

Where: Chuck E. Cheese, 6125 E. Speedway. There are several Peter Piper Pizza locations around town. Click here for the one nearest you.

Cost: Click here for Chuck E. Cheese's coupons. Click here for Peter Piper Pizza deals.

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