3 Reasons Why Playgrounds Can be Healthy for Kids
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3 Reasons Why Playgrounds Can be Healthy for Kids

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As an adult, there’s a high chance that you had experience playing on a playground as a child. Not only was this most likely one of your favorite things, it also had many benefits for you that you probably weren’t aware of at the time.

Because of the many different benefits of playing on a playground, you can find high quality commercial indoor playground equipment in hospitals, medical centers, offices, airports, and more. Whether you’re researching commercial indoor playground equipment or simply want to learn more about the science of play, let’s take a look at a few of those benefits.

Health Benefits

One major thing that indoor playground equipment can do is provide a child with great opportunities for active play. They are the best place for kids to build up their cardiovascular strength, work on developing coordination, and maintain their health. Playgrounds are the perfect place for age-appropriate full-body workouts, as they require work from one’s legs, arms, torso, and more. Across the United States, the childhood obesity rate has now reached a staggering 18.5%. With that in mind, it is crucial that all kids have access to safe places to get active and have fun.


Playing on a kids indoor play structure can help develop one’s motor skills at any age. It’s also a place where youngsters can develop their social, cognitive, and emotional skills. They can meet new friends whilst playing on the playground, and they will be working on their social interaction skills without even realizing it. This is especially key for children in hospitals, as they won’t feel as alone or left out by having to constantly sit in their rooms. Even fun playground activities can offer surprising developmental benefits. For instance, climbing can help to strengthen cognitive skills as it is focused on problem-solving and spatial awareness.

Emotional Impact

It’s pretty simple — playing makes kids happy. Therefore, being on a playground can help to bring a child extreme joy. In stressful environments like hospitals, dentist’s offices, or airports, a playground can offer kids a welcome form of escape. This stimulation is important for children as their brains are constantly developing. And since playtime on a playground is unstructured and unscheduled, it gives the child complete free time and forces them to make decisions while having a good time.

Playgrounds are not only fun, but they are also very beneficial for a child’s mental development, health, and social growth. It can not only help keep children in shape but offer them a chance to explore different things that might not be often available to them.

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