Classic Party Games for Kids
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Classic Party Games for Kids

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1. Musical Chairs

You know the drill, right? Set up one less chair than the number of children playing. Start the music and everyone walks around the chairs until they hear the music stop, then everyone rushes to grab a chair as quickly as possible. The last person standing it out, another chair is removed, and the music starts again until there is only one final person standing.

2. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pop a donkey poster up on the wall (you can order one like this online), blindfold players one at a time and spin each one in a circle a few times before letting them try to stick the donkey tail as close as possible to its rump!

3. Pass the Parcel

Okay so this one takes a little preparation but it’s such a huge hit with younger children that I had to include it on our list. Before the party, purchase a small, inexpensive prize related to the party theme or just something that you know your child and her friends will love and then wrap it in lots of layers of paper – recycled 

4. Egg Toss

Pair players up and have them toss an egg back and forth to each other. Each time the children both catch it, they must take a step backward and continue. The team that can catch their egg with the furthest distance between them, wins!

5. Sack Race

For a sack race you will need a hessian/burlap sack or a large pillowcase for each player (you can also play in relay teams to minimise the number of sacks you need). To race, guests must stand with their feet inside the sack and on ‘go’ race to the finish line (or to their teammate if you’re playing relay style). The first player to cross the finish line or first team to have all members jump is the winner.

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