7 Reasons Why Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground Will Knock Your Socks Off!
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7 Reasons Why Hyper Kidz Indoor Playground Will Knock Your Socks Off!

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1. Ball Pit Slide

Ummmm, doesn’t this looks like so much fun! The best part is that this area of Hyperkidz is interconnected, so kids can easily slide down into the balls, hop out, run up the stairs, through the balloons, and down again!

2. Other Awesome Slides

Actually there are a ton of awesome slides at Hyper Kidz! This one was my favorite I think. It is like one of those super fast slides they have at carnivals or county fairs. There are bouncy slides, a slide with changing images projected on it, a slide that lights up when you slide down (for younger kids), and a few toddler friendly slides in the 3 and under area.Oh, and this slide. I almost forgot about this one. Why? Because my daughter was so absorbed in everything else inside Hyper Kidz, she didn’t check this slide out until the very end.. and then she slid down it 10 times in a row! AND look at that Shark Mouth! Totally awesome way to enter the big kid play area!

3. A lot of fun for kids under 3 years old too!

Do you see that lady in the green shirt? She is there to make sure only kids age 3 and under (and their caregivers) get to play in that area of the play space. The thing is, my 5 year old really wanted to play there too because it looks like so much fun! Nope.. strict rules.. which is really good for parents with young kids. There are soft corners, bright colors, baby friendly slides, and my favorite feature…. (keep scrolling)

4. Dueling floor pianos and a laser dance floor

You may not see these guys on the floor until you inadvertently walk on them. Then, you will totally want to reprise Tom Hanks’ role in BIG and pound out chopsticks. Or, just walk a scale.. which is fun too. I like that there are two of them because I bet they are a popular feature with pretty much all the kids

5. Obstacle course type play features

Ok, the big kids play area (ages 4-13) is phenomenal. First of all it is HUGE! Secondly, there are plenty of fun options for both the younger set and older kids. I didn’t take a ton of photos because it was dark (and I am not the greatest photographer in the world), but there are a lot of soft obstacle course-like features like these stepping stones, trampolines, tunnels and ropes (I am pretty sure I saw ropes), and even a contraption where kids can shoot soft balls at a target.

6. Balloons!

Yep! Just to the side of that ball pit slide is a small room where dozens of balloons are floating around, just waiting for your kiddos to try and chase them, or sit on them I suppose. It is a pretty fun and whimsical part of Hyper Kidz.

7. Giant Lite Brite!

Under the balloons is this giant Lite Brite. I have seen one of these at Light City in Baltimore and always thought it was cool, but never played with it. My daughter didn’t stay long (too many slides to try out) but we did have fun trying to makes words and pictures with the light cylinders

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