Why it is important to visit the playground?
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Why it is important to visit the playground?

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As time goes by, more and more parents take their children to the playground. Now, there are six reasons why it's important to visit a playground.

To begin with, it's good for children to stimulate their language abilities. Children observe what other children do, including their communication skills. If other children are blowing balloons enthusiastically, perhaps your children will join the ranks of other children, and then say, "I want to blow balloons, too." So in the playground children can  stimulate the language ability. 

Secondly, it can stimulate children's social ability. It offers a lot of social stimulation activities which are very beneficial to children who often do not have children to play with them. Young children maybe like to play with older children, because they can learn new knowledge from other children's behaviors. Besides, children may play the same toys, but different children will play in different ways. They can still sharing the same space with other children, children even observe the way other children play. And they  interacted with each other.

Thirdly, children will learn to act alone. Some children may be anxious if they are separated from their parents, but they meet so many children in the playground that they may leave their parents to play with them. Of course, for the sake of children's safety, parents can not let their children out of their sight, but do not prevent them from playing with other children.

Fourthly, children learn to have free play and planned activities in the playground. Children not only learn very fast in the environment of the playground, but also will know when to rest and when to eat. And children also know to wear a smock if they want to paint, and wash their hands if they want to eat. In this way, the children will expect something in the characteristic time.

Fifthly, children will enter the playground with a sense of wonder. In the palyground, the children will have a lot of things to play with, and there will be more children so that the children will play with the spirit of adventure. 

Last but not least, there is no doubt that children will enjoy the playground and have a great time. So parents can take their children to the amusement park under conditions.

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