Why is it that jumping castles and houses are so popular?
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Why is it that jumping castles and houses are so popular?

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You’ve all seen one somewhere and have maybe jumped around yourself, but what exactly are jumping castles all about? What are known as a “Jumping castle” is an inflatable structure that you will often see wherever there are many children. Events such as a children’s birthday party, funfairs, company events and various others.


The jumping house style can differ in size and shape from the basic enclosed jumping area, to large houses of various designs. For instance, a jumping house can be in the shape of a castle, may have more than one floor or level and usually has a jumping slide. These playful buildings are extremely popular worldwide with nearly all children (and with a number of adults also!), and were first created back in the late 1950s.



The very first jumping house inflatable was more stripped down than todays versions and the first surfaces of the houses werent enclosed. This was not so good an idea for children playing on it, due to them easily jumping themselves off of it, and even getting hurt in a worst case scenario. The early inflatables were supposed to imitate what it would have felt like to walk in space or on the moon. And in fact, jumping houses were originally known as Space Walks.


Material and Hiring

Jumping castles are normally constructed from a much stronger material than your average inflatable camping mattress and manufactured from thick layers of rubber, vinyl or nylon. And because plenty of jumping can quickly deflate a jumping castle, youll find that the best ones are constantly being refilled with electric pumps. These are normally plugged in or powered by portable generators, depending on the site.


Space Walks were extremely popular from the start, especially during an era when Space Race, was on.  If youre thinking of hiring a jumping castle or other fun functions for an event, you can get a great deal on jumping castle hire in Betta from an experienced professional company.


Great Fun, but Be Careful!

Nearly all of the time, only children of a particular age and size will be playing on jumping castles and houses, but adults, especially if they are playing on small inflatables, can, if not careful, somewhat easily jump off and have an accident. (This also applies to children). Its in the very best interests of adults to restrict the number of children playing with the amount stated in the manufacturers recommendations.


Having too many children jumping around can lead into them bumping into one another, which can sometimes lead to a miserable time and even worse. If youre going to hire a jumping house or castle, make sure that its always well supervised to avoid any collisions and any improper usage. You can buy small jumping houses, but these are not manufactured to the same quality and standards, and will not have the same durability as the hired type.



1. "safe play" Handbook

Parents should read the game notes carefully and pay attention to the notice boards and facilities in playground. We must strictly choose the age and height of all kinds of amusement items. Don't let your baby play with those unsuitable for height and physique.

Tell your baby the correct way to play. You must line up and order. You can't push others or play while playing. You can't run around and do dangerous movements on the playground, such as slippery slide, foot down, not from the outside railing to the slide, and don't stand on the swing on the swing.

Remind the baby that there is a sense of avoidance of mobile entertainment facilities and avoid other baby collisions. Do not approach others when you see people playing swinging equipment such as swings.

Tell the baby to wait until the mobile entertainment facilities have stopped and then go up and down. Do not jump down from the revolving chair. Before baby comes down, you must see clearly that there are no other treasures or articles in the middle of the road. When your baby jumps, your feet are on the floor, knees bent slightly.

Don't let your baby hold your toy's hands in your mouth or toys. Find other baby or adults have sneezing, cough and other symptoms, try to keep the baby away. We should pay attention to the material description of playground equipment. Arsenic treated wood and lead paint are huge safety risks. Remember, wash your hands immediately after playing.

Don't let the baby play while eating. It is easy to be dangerous. We must insist on the principle of "not playing while eating, eating without playing" in order to prevent accidents.

2. "safety check" manual

Pay attention to the distance between the railing of the amusement facilities. If the gap between the guardrails is between 8.5 and 22 centimeters, the baby's head or neck is stuck in it, which causes suffocation. If there is a gap in the amusement facility that can be stuck to a baby's finger, arm, leg, and so on, pay special attention to it, it is best to protect the baby while playing, or simply not to let the baby play here.

The amusement item chosen for the baby should be no more than 2 meters. The danger of 2/3 occurs when the baby falls from the device, so a good ground can play a good role in protecting the ground on the ground of the playground, choosing a plastic pad or rubber pad, at least 3~10 centimeters in thickness, away from the unsafe ground, such as stone and cement.

conduct careful inspection of recreational facilities to ensure that there are no rugged cables, broken spines, rusty or broken metal parts. Because rusty parts, broken swings, ladders and cracked wood will hurt babies.

Check the screws of the slide, the horizontal bar and the seesaw, the bolt and the iron clamp clamp, whether there is a sharp edge or any hook, which can hook the baby's clothes or skin.

The lack of maintenance and management of playground is likely to cause glass debris and germ laden rubbish. After going home, we must thoroughly clean up to ensure health and safety.

3. "safety standard" manual

According to the regulations of the state, indoor amusement parks should not be opened in basement or above the third floor.

building materials for indoor playground should not be flammable and combustible materials.

pay attention to evacuation safety. There are at least two safety exits. Fire safety warning and evacuation exit location instructions should be posted clearly.


Enjoy your jumping and do jump safely!


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