Why Indoor Playground Is Important For Children
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Why Indoor Playground Is Important For Children

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We are sure you have heard that kids should get at least an hour of physical activity a day, whether that is in the form of after school activities, playing outside with friends, or playing street hockey with the family.

Kids are getting less physical activity for many different reasons, including: parents trying to save money on extracurricular activities, technology replacing active play, and the television becoming a family activity. These reasons should not be getting in the way of physical activity and they definitely shouldn’t be an excuse for your children not staying active.

Active play can be completely free. Playing outside is an easy way for your children to get the right amount of physical activity each day. Have them go out and play before dinner, take them to the park or beach on weekends, and get them moving. Unfortunately, trips to the playground can be delayed or rescheduled because of inclement weather, there are other options.


Indoor playground is a fun place, which allows kids to run, slide, bouncy, race, and play until they drop! This is a place that can truly get your child excited about active play and help them get their daily dose of activity.

At Bettaplay, we believe that a playground is your child’s own world of growth and adventure. Aside from the social benefits that playgrounds offer, they also allow kids to keep active and engaged. While there are many benefits to bringing your child to Bettaplay for an afternoon of play, below are a few of our favorites.

Improve Your Child’s Physical Strength

As you may already know, child obesity has become a global health problem. While good nutrition and physical activity are extremely important for infants, toddlers and young children, it can be difficult to encourage physical activity if you don’t live near a park or play place. At Bettaplay, we encourage children to use their imaginations when they explore our fun and exciting indoor playground. Whether they’re climbing our safe and educational rock wall or sliding down twisty slides, children of all ages can improve their physical strength by simply enjoying our interactive environment.



Coordination & Balance Practice For Children

If your little one is still learning to walk and run, an indoor play place is a great environment for them to work on their coordination and balance skills. Not only will your young child gain confidence in their bodies and motor skills, they’ll have the ability to watch other children play as well. As many parents know, children feel encouraged to try something new when they see other kids partaking in an activity. An indoor play place will give your child the freedom and ability to explore new things while providing them with the comfort of a safe and friendly environment.

Enhanced Toddler Development

Since developmental stages vary from age to age, indoor playgrounds that cater to kids and toddlers continue to grow in popularity. At Bettaplay, our unique indoor play place was specifically created to enhance the development of children ages 1 to 10, to encourage individual growth and problem solving in a fun and exciting environment. Our indoor playground features a variety of props that encourage crawling, balancing, and socialization for young children. If you’re tired of your little one’s eyes staying glued to the television or iPad, bring them to Bettaplay for an afternoon of fun-filled activities.

Early Social Interaction & Communication

Indoor playgrounds provide a plethora of social benefits for young children. When you bring your child to an indoor play place, they will have the ability to interact with children both older and younger than them. At Bettaplay, we encourage children to make friends and interact with others so they can learn to work as a team, take turns, and communicate ideas properly. This can be especially beneficial to young children who are not enrolled in school, giving them a head-start on social etiquette in a larger group setting.

Bettaplay is proud to offer a fun and exciting indoor playground for kids. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your child on a rainy weekend, or you’re looking for the perfect venue to host your child’s birthday party or private party, your child will love exploring our indoor play place.

If you’re interested in learning more about our indoor playground, browse our website  or contact usto learn more about our facilities. Book your next event with Bettaplay or stop by our indoor playground today!


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