Why Do Children Like to Shake Horses?
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Why Do Children Like to Shake Horses?

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Shake and shake, shake to Grandma Bridge. Baby's favorite, lively little rocking horse to come!

Many parents think that shaking a horse is just a toy for a child. not essential In fact, this is not the case at all. Shake a horse so become a child's favorite traditional toy, show it has its unique charm!

1. Often riding horse can promote blood flow, enhance children's palms and feet, increase children's appetite, and promote children's health.

Riding a horse is a hand-and-foot exercise that allows your baby to exercise the coordination of his hands and feet. The sound of the horse's hoofs, the sound of its heart. The whole body vibration from riding a horse is better than static massage. It also enhances cardiopulmonary function, blood circulation, and metabolism. Vibratory massage for visceral organs. Has the promotion muscle growth development, beautifies the body curve and the bodybuilding special function.

2.Horseback riding can arouse children's inner confidence, enhance their ability to adapt to complex environment, relieve loneliness and depression, and delight body and mind. 

Children can achieve a strong sense of achievement. As Su Dongpo put it: "a bit of great anger, thousands of miles of fast wind"! Imagine, "hanging on the horse", driving a horse to ride the wind, condescending, majestic, walking the world, watching the horse bristles flowing in the wind, listening to the horse's hoof knocking on the earth, realizing the child's dream of galloping deep in the heart of the heart! I don't know how many dolls of the same age! Therefore, it is indeed an exercise of the will of the body, cultivate a good temperament, has a great comfort to the body and mind The way in which one acts.

3. It can cultivate a child's good character.

The children who often ride horses are mostly cheerful and lively, good at expression, strong body, tall and healthy, energetic, elegant and free and easy, quick thinking, strong will, clear goals, decisive, dare to challenge. A very timid child can be strong by riding; a impetuous child by riding can restrain his mania.

Let the child ride through the process of full physical and mental exercise, to achieve 3Q! (IQ,EQ,AQ)

Let's give our children a golden childhood!

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