Why Do Children Like Slides So Much?
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Why Do Children Like Slides So Much?

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Children can not grow without the company of toys, there are always a few of these toys are their favorite. For example, slides, slides are divided into inflatable slides, combination slides, small slides and other different types of products, so why do children like slides so much?

As a comprehensive sports product, children can enjoy the speed, control, stimulation and other visual feelings in the slide play, which used to be common in kindergartens, parks and other venues. 

Speed: children slide down the slide, can feel the stimulation of speed, and the experience of air rubbing the skin, is a way to understand nature. 

Control desire: children's own control accounts for a large proportion. 

Controllable risk: the height of the slide, the small friction, is a risk and a challenge for children, but because of the presence of both sides of the guard, the risk becomes completely manageable. 

The use of the laws of nature: mainly the instinctive use of gravity and perceptual experience. 

Follow the crowd psychology: rarely see a child playing alone on the slide.

 Recognized psychological needs: if parents and teachers play with them, once Successful gliding brings praise and praise. 

Satisfaction with scarce resource stations: generally speaking, there are fewer slides and only one child is allowed to use them at a time.

 Exercise your ability to balance yourself.

In a word, it is mainly the result of instinctive understanding of nature and the psychological effect of socialized desire to be recognized. This behavior can bring personal satisfaction.

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