Why create an indoor climbing space for kids ?
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Why create an indoor climbing space for kids ?

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Why create a climbing space for kids in home?

Kids have an innate need to move their bodies in big ways. 

These gross motor activities are needed to help strengthen muscles, 

provide an outlet for energy, and help kids gain confidence in their abilities.

Climbing is a total body workout. So, when kids use these climbing structures, 

they’re able to exercise everything from their fingers (need good grip strength to hold on!)

down to their toes. And its not just physical strength that climbing helps develop. 

Climbing requires flexibility, coordination, balance, and mental challenges like strategy and planning.

Its no wonder why kids get a boost of confidence when reaching new heights.

These are all things we want to develop in our kids. Plus, having fun is so good for kids. 

We definitely want that, right?An indoor climbing space in your home is a great way to provide 

all of the benefits of climbing in a safe environment. Not to mention how great it would be to have a space 

like this to have for a fun rainy day kids activity. It’s been so cold here lately that kids have no interest in playing outside.

Instead, they’re in here climbing the walls with their pent up energy. So, why not let them, literally, climb the walls!

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