Why children need play
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Why children need play

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   Play isn’t just good for your kid’s body. Play actually helps your child’s brain grow and learn.Like Indoor Playgroundthis kind of play develops a child’s ability to think creatively, use her imagination, work as a team member, and create and follow rules. Kids need unstructured time to build, create, and fantasize.Healthy play means making sure your child uses her body and mind in active, imaginative play — like playing hide-and-seek, riding a bike, building with blocks or Legos, pretending to be a pirate or princess, building a fort, playing dress-up — all activities that come naturally to kids. 

Play is needed for healthy brain development.

75 percent of the brain develops after a baby is born, in the years between birth and the early 20s. Childhood play stimulates the brain to make connections between nerve cells. This is what helps a child develop both gross motor skills (walking, running, jumping, coordination) and fine motor skills (writing, manipulating small tools, detailed hand work). Play during the teen years and into adulthood helps the brain develop even more connectivity, especially in the frontal lobe which is the center for planning and making good decisions.

Pretend play stimulates your child’s imagination and creativity.

Studies have shown that kids who are encouraged to use their imagination are more creative in their adult life. Although artistic expression certainly is important, creativity isn’t limited to the arts. Creativity also helps people find new and innovative ways to do things and to invent new products that make our lives more productive, easier, or more entertaining. It’s the ability to “make believe” that can take people’s minds to places where no one has gone before.

Play develops the brain’s executive function.

Executive function refers to the mental skills that allow us to manage time and attention, to plan and organize, to remember details, and to decide what is and isn’t appropriate to say and do in a given situation. It’s also what helps growing children learn to master their emotions and to use past experiences to understand what to do in the present. These are the skills that are central to self-control and self-discipline. Kids who have a well-developed executive function do well in school, get along well with others, and make good decisions. Make believe play gives the frontal lobe of the brain, the center of executive function, a workout.

Play develops a child’s “theory of mind.”

“Theory of mind” is the ability to walk in another’s shoes. Kids who play lots of “let’s pretend” learn to figure out what their various characters would think about and do. Engaging in pretend games with others requires understanding playmates’ thoughts and feelings. A well-developed theory of mind increases a child’s tolerance and compassion for other people and increases their ability to play and work well with others.


Physical skills, emotional regulation, flexible thinking, the ability to get along with others and the confidence to try new things and think outside the box are all keys to being successful in life. So what can parents do to ensure their children develop these important skills?

Encourage free play.

I love the notion of “free.” It means both “unstructured” and “with no cost.” Both are essential for our growing kids.We can feel free at indoor playground.

Yes, it’s important to provide kids with experiences that teach them new skills and how to work and play in a team. 

And it’s equally important not to get so caught up in providing so many structured activities that our children don’t have time to just hang out with other kids and figure out for themselves what to do with their time. 

Further, when the adults provide all the ideas for leisure time and set all the rules, kids are deprived of learning important social skills. Free play gives kids the chance to learn to work with others and to make compromises. 

All in all, we can make fully use of the facilities in playgroun where can benefit for chilren growth. We spend time doing activity in playground.

Think before you choose.

When we choose mewhere to play, what we can think saftey conveient helpful? I 'd liake to i ntroduce an indoor playground for you,like Bettaplay.

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